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Are You Ready to Start Adulting for Real?

For a generation largely thought of as entitled and unprepared for the real world, Millennials, currently aged 22-36, are doing better financially than people give them credit for. As young professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, freelancers, among many, many others, living … read more

5 Signs your Parakeet is feeling sick

If you own one or more parakeets, you want to make sure you’re giving them the best care you can. Some birds are susceptible to respiratory ailments , stomach issues and more if they have a weak immune system. If … read more

Need Money? Download Cashalo App

Last Techie Tuesday, a new and reliable Filipino technology and financial service company was officially introduced to the public. CASHALO delivers access to affordable and secure credit for millions of underbanked consumers and micro small medium enterprises in the Philippines … read more