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Mommies Promote Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may be considered a challenging phase of motherhood but the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies truly make the journey worthwhile. While more and more mothers recognize that breastmilk will always be superior compared … read more

8th Jollibee Family Values Awards

On its 40th year, Jollibee continues to honor exemplary families who choose to be great for others in the 8th Jollibee Family Values Awards. Their inspiring stories and advocacies were once again the main highlight during the Gabi ng Parangal … read more

How Do Diet Pills Work?

Diet pills assist with weight loss and maintenance in a variety of ways. There are prescription diet pills and over-the-counter fat burners and weight-loss products that, when in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program, can help a person … read more