Whirlpool Celebrates Mother’s Day

More than 300 participants joined Whirlpool’s 8th year celebration of Mother’s Day last Tuesday. Yes, that’s a huge crowd of mommies plus daddies creating good memories at Unimart, Capitol Commons, Pasig City.

Whirlpool featured their home appliances.

The program started with an energetic dance number from Whirlpool Mom and some participants. Watch how lively and graceful moms dance.


Chef Reggie was also present. She shares some easy to do recipes using Whirlpool microwave oven.

We savor each recipes as ready samples of King Sue Hungarian Nachos, Bacon and Egg Toast and King Sue Sweet Ham and Porcini Mushroom Microwaved Risotto were distributed to participants.

Partners also offer exciting products and services that moms love, from food, health and beauty products, name it.

Moms also flock at Sinalco, Jolly, Dona Maria and Caronia booths. Many line-up for free ice cream by Arce Dairy and free samples from King Sue.

Arce Dairy booth gives free ice cream.

I had a quick head and back massage when I bought a bottle of White Flower.

I bought my Mom a bottle of her fave White Flower.

Fun games with exciting prizes adds color to the event.

Every participants were included in the raffle and each went home with goodies from Whirlpool and partners.


This event really brings happiness and camaraderie to moms who love Whirlpool products. SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR!


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