Hotel bookings made easy through Traveloka mobile app

My family loves to travel. We usually travel in three – three families. Based on experience, our out of town adventure are mostly impromptu. These unplanned trips are the most memorable.

Just two weekends ago, while we were feasting in a restaurant somewhere in Quezon City, we decided to go to Baguio. Yes, right at that moment, we just went back to the house to get clothes and off to Baguio we went.

My niece managed to book us a hotel in Baguio while we were on our way. She has a Traveloka mobile app on her phone and it was such a relief. We got our nice rooms and our stay in Baguio went smooth until we headed back home again.

The second week of February was a bit hectic for me. It was my son’s Junior Senior prom in a 5-star hotel in Makati City.

Our primary plan was to just hit him a ride to the hotel and fetch him at midnight because hubby and I have to work on that day. But all of a sudden, our relatives, the two other families, decided to reserve a hotel room for staycation. I was just informed through chats on our Facebook messenger that they already made a reservation for themselves.

Since the hotel room they booked was limited to four persons only, I decided to have our own room instead. However, I cannot find an available room through hotel websites’ online booking because the date was considered peak season and there’s rush in every hotel bookings in Makati.

Until I remember my niece and asked her about the travel app she used for our stay in Baguio. The moment I learned that its Traveloka mobile app, I quickly search it on Google App Store using my cellphone. I installed it and whoala! I instantly signed in, smoothly and hassle free.


The next step, I am searching for hotels in Makati. There are discounted rooms for Traveloka mobile app user and there are promos too with discounted codes.


In less than a minute, I finally booked a room at Dusit Thani Hotel and pay through credit card online. I did not panic because Traveloka mobile app was secured.


Moments after I received the voucher and I also received an email.

Relatives were surprised to know how I succeeded to grab a room a day before the event. I was so glad because the JS Prom will be held right at their ballroom, such convenience for the family, eh.

Now I believe that having a travel app is a necessity for moms. Thanks to Traveloka mobile app because it helped me book for our hotel room in a nick of time and for price that’s in line with my budget.

And oh, I might as well book our target trip to Bali, Indonesia this summer with the fam.

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