Aquaria Adventure

Swimming on a rainy day? You think we’ve lost our mind? No. It’s just fun to play in the rain while you’re in the swimming pool or at the beach. There’s no stopping us to swim as two of our family members were celebrating their birthdays.

We headed south, Batangas province in particular. It’s a hefty two and a half hours to three hours drive from Manila to Calatagan, Batangas. We left by 4:30 a.m. and reached Calatagan by 7:30 a.m..

We passed by South Luzon Expressway and exited at Santa Rosa straight to Tagaytay. Glad there’s no traffic in Aguinaldo Highway intersection maybe because of the stormy weather condition.

Since it’s still early when we arrived and we were just walk-in guests, we waited for Aquaria Beach Resort to open til 8:00 a.m.

We were greeted with sounds of bullfrogs because of the heavy rain. I thought the sound came from cows, but the guard told us there were many bullfrogs within the area.



One of the birthday celebrator (right), my son Karl. Beside him is his cousin Em-Em.



Kiat’s height was measured and she’s still under 4 feet so we only pay for P199.00 (for lean season rate)


The kiddie pool is up to 3 feet with built-in water guns.


The birthday celebrator (center) and his cousins Kiat (left) and Yan-Yan (right) enjoying the pool.


The following photos are views from the top of the 40-feet slide. This view is fronting the reception area. We are situated in the first cabana because it’s very near on the kiddie pool.




You can see from the pictures how, Aquaria’s facilities are well-maintained. I really love to come back here since it’s still lean season.



The right side view fronting the reception.


The view near the slide. I am on the bridge  here.



The view fronting the sea. The canteen faces the sea.



It was already in the afternoon when we enjoyed the 40-feet slide. Every guests were waiting for it. It was not operational in the morning because of the rain the strong winds.



At the seaside. There are cabana’s for relaxation. Too bad, the weather is not good that day, but still we enjoyed our stay.


Some family picture.


The washroom and shower rooms were very clean too.aquariawashroom

The effect of the southwest monsoon did not scare us. We were not able to swim in the sea because the waves were big and Aquaria’s personnel were very strict with regards to implementing their policy.


Let me just give you a jumpshot!


Aquaria’s rate for a  LEAN SEASON is P399 for adult and P199 for children under 4 feet. Note: for walk-in guests only.

Cabana Rates:

Medium Cabana (up to 10 persons) – P1,000

Large Cabana (up to 15 persons) – P1,500

Round Cabana (up to 15 persons) -P1,500

There’s a corkage fee of P100 per head if you will bring your own food.

The price is very reasonable because the facility is really good and well-maintained, especially the water in the pool. It’s so clear and you wouldn’t even smell any chlorine.

We wanted to come back at Aquaria and hopefully it will be on a sunny day!

21 comments on “Aquaria Adventure

  1. That’s actually the first thing I noticed: the clearness of the pool. Wow! And the price is really decent. Though got a little confused with “walk-in guests only”. What did you mean by that? Is there a separate rate for early reservations? 🙂

  2. It’s nice to head to a resort during lean season because you get to enjoy the place all to yourself. I hope to be able to visit Aquaria with my friends when I get to spend some time in the capital. The photos are nice and the pool is enticing.

  3. It’s good that the site personnel are strict when it comes to safety. One can never be too sure when there it is during monsoon season. I’m glad your family had a blast, nonetheless 😀

  4. This place actually looks very promising for a future trip. Does it have a hotel we can book for an overnight stay? How is the food there in their canteen?

  5. wow, the pool looks big and no crowd at all! is it because of the rainy weather? i love playing with those floats on slide too! it’s soooo fun, isnt it?

  6. The Place looks very well maintained and clean.Is it some kind of a resort ? Price you have mentioned is also quite reasonable.

  7. Hi, Sir Fred, unfortunately, Aquaria Resorts don’t have overnight accommodation only day swimming. Their hotel/condo is still under construction and when finished the resort will be for members only and will not accept walk-ins anymore. We brought our own food so I cannot comment about the foods in their canteen. But other guests said, food per person costs 150 pesos to 200 pesos.

  8. Hi, Pooja! Yes it’s a resort. The price is affordable because we went there during lean season.

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