Are you ready for enrollment?

I’m sure Moms like me are now busy preparing  for the start of the school year. I know how hard these times are, especially in the sense of budgeting because almost all private schools raised ten percent of their tuition fees. Plus the miscellaneous expenses like school supplies, uniforms, transportation service or school bus service and daily allowances.

Most parents find a way to ease the financial burden during the start of the school year. I have categorized it to four. Can you find your stand?

PARENT NUMBER ONE allot a part of their income as savings intended for their kids enrollment.

PARENT NUMBER TWO bought early education plan.

PARENT NUMBER THREE apply for loans in SSS loan or Pagibig MultiPurpose Loan

PARENT NUMBER FOUR crosses the bridge when they get there.

What preparation did you do this school year? Are you like PARENT NUMBER ONE, TWO, THREE OR FOUR?

Can you share us how did you make enrollment easy in your pocket?



12 comments on “Are you ready for enrollment?

  1. How did I save on enrollment money? I had my ex-hubby pay for our kid’s tuition in full! hahaha. Seriously, he’s lucky that the company he works for grants its employees educational plans.

  2. I am Parent #1. Actually we already made some allotments to prepare for our son’s enrollment.

  3. My husband and I are like parent No. 1. Every year we allot savings for our daughter’s enrollment. We like it that way. It is not just easy in the pocket, it also gives us lesser things to worry about the whole year.

  4. I think my mom should read this 😛
    It’s my 3rd trisem now that I haven’t enrolled again (I stopped schooling before for 1.5 yrs) + unpaid student loan.. (also a ‘victim’ of CAP Educational Plan)

    It’s really a good habit to save even at a young age, mom or not (eventually we all get there :P)

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