Automatic Class Suspension Guidelines by DepEd

Rainy days are here again and sad to say it coincide with the beginning of the school year. I’d like to share to my dear readers the Department of Education’s Automatic Guidelines for class suspension or cancellation in time of typhoons and flooding.

For Public Storm Signal Number 1 – classes in kindergarten and pre-school are suspended in affected areas

For Public Storm Signal Number 2 – no classes in kinder, pre-school, elementary and high school in affected areas

For Public Storm Signal Number 3 – no classes in all levels pre-school, elementary, secondary and high school and work in DepEd offices in the affected area are cancelled too.

This part is something new:

A whole day class suspension would be effective on areas affected by typhoons if PAGASA raised the Public Storm Signal Warnings from their 10:00 p.m. or 4:00 a.m. weather advisory.

Half-day class suspension (afternoon class cancellation) would be in effect only if PAGASA announced the Public Storm Signal Warning during their 11:00 a.m weather advisory.

DepEd says that the parents have the right to decide whether or not to send their child to school if the weather is bad but no announcement of public storm signal is in effect.

The local government officers and the school administration also have the right to announce suspension or cancellation of classes when their area is affected by storm, flooding, earthquake and other emergencies.

LATEST: Dep-Ed says, they will no longer announce matters about class suspension because our respective local government officials will be responsible for this from now on.

24 comments on “Automatic Class Suspension Guidelines by DepEd

  1. This has always been an issue ever since. I remember going to class only to find out the classes were suspended just when I got there… tsk tsk… I don’t even approve of half day… coz you know… letting the kids go in the middle of a storm is much worse…

  2. very informative. this has always been the issue ever since. i guess parents really play an important role here since they should be attentive of the announcements.

  3. Very useful information.

    This post made me sentimental for my childhood days.

    I’m now living in Europe for almost 2 decades, and it’s quiet interesting for my children to hear about public storm announcement, and how as I child I innocently looked forward to them unaware that no school days because of storms could mean disaster in homes of other people.

  4. Students will be having a hard time this rainy days especially with the implementation of the new system, on some areas classes run up to 10 P.M. i think . We must be really alert of the forecasts

  5. let’s just hope that the LGU would really do their part on this. even so, hopefully, the DepEd would still do their best to relay information because not all are aware.

  6. this is very helpful especially to the parents.. minsan sobrang late mg-announce na wala palang pasok. kawawa mga bata..

  7. that is quite a good news for the lgu’s to have the prerogative to declare classes suspensions since they are the ones who experience the inclement weather first-hand, thereby making them more qualified to declare such….

  8. At least now it is a lot clearer for everybody to abide. This is particularly true to parents who are wide awake at most time during typhoon months.

  9. this is the major problem ,before they announced class suspension ,the college students are already out, on the way to school

  10. I remember when I was still in school. My dad always turns on the radio to make sure about suspension of classes. Your post will be helpful.

  11. If it us parents to decide, will our kids be excused? That’s why I think opening of classes must be moved to September because it’s the near end of rainy season in the country.

  12. i go for this initiative.. LGU’s should really be responsible and can right away act on the situation..

  13. Hi there! love to be informed about this automatic suspension of classes.

    I am just confuse on what to follow. Our principal always oblige the teachers to report to school even when classes are suspended and and are oblige also to make up classes on saturdays.Is it fair on the part of the teacher?

    Does the Principal violates the Deped Order 43 s.2012? Where in fact it is stated clearly “that teachers handling cancelled or suspended classes may likewise allowed to leave their stations in consideration of the work they will need to undertake during make-up classes”.

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