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It’s hard to nurture kids who are picky eater. I know some moms who struggle when feeding their toddlers. Our Avielle at 3 years old do not like to eat rice and veggies. I don’t know why suddenly she hates to intake potatoes or carrots with some leafy vegetables. Luckily, she still likes drinking milk. Milk is a source of important nutrients that our kids need like protein, fat and carbohydrates.

We’ve searched for milk that suits her appetite and she likes Bonakid than any other brand. When she drinks her milk after eating, she gets energetic and can do her activities without having tantrums. She’s certified, “Batang may laban”.

Bonakid indeed helps us raise our child to grow healthy and strong. Why? Because Bonakid contains Nucleoshield with 5 major Nucleotides, specifically formulated to boost the immunity level of your child. It has growth and energy support nutrients that contribute to growth and development of bones and teeth and physical alertness. In addition, Bonakid is rich in carbohydrates which help provide energy and whey protein that helps in the absorption of other nutrients.

The good news for Moms this April 20, when we Buy 3 Bonakid, we can get 1 FREE Bonakid Pre-School 3+ Packs

We can save more with this promo and still nurture our children.

  1. BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL®3+ Powdered Milk Drink 1.6kg
  2. BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL®3+ Powdered Milk Drink 2.4kg
  3. BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL®3+ Powdered Milk Drink 4.8kg

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2 comments on “Buy 3, Get 1 Bonakid Preschool Pack Shopee promo

  1. Good news ito sating mga nanay, sobrang laking matitipid nito sa gastusin, at higit sa lahat good source of important nutrients for proper growth and development ang Bonakid. Panatag tayo na protektodo sila at lalaking may laban sa buhay.

  2. Proven and trusted milk brand na namin ang Bonakid, kaya malaking tulong itong promo nila ngayon. Certified batang may laban din ang mga anak ko?

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