3rd Umami Culinary Challenge Winners

The 3rd Umami Culinary Challenge held last January 20, 2012 at the SMX Convention Center was successful. It was my first time to attend a culinary activity for aspiring chefs but I was overwhelmed with the number of participants and … read more

Krispy Kreme’s Choco Mania Doughnuts

Finally, something to end every chocoholic’s search for the ultimate chocolate experience — Krispy Kreme’s Choco Mania Doughnuts. Pillow soft, freshly made chocolate doughnuts dressed in four different chocolaty ways — Chocolate Custard, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, Caramel with Toasted Merengue … read more

Ajinomoto 3rd Umami Culinary Challenge

This coming Friday, January 20, 2011, we will witness once again a healthy multi-category competition that focus on the 5th basic taste – Umami. Yes, everything is ready for the AJINOMOTO 3rd Umami Culinary Challenge, Battle for the Umami Bowl … read more

More about Koala’s March

K-O-A-L-A Stands For… Learn about the cute and playful Koala with five interesting attributes that describe just what kind of creature it is! K-Kind Though it may seem a bit odd to some, describing an animal, especially a Koala, with … read more

Trick or Treat Goodies

Kids love receiving candies during Trick or Treat. However, parents should monitor what sweets our child eats. I don’t want to be mean but some candies distributed in the Trick or Treat event may be harmful to our kid’s health. … read more