Eco-Living In The Philippines: Are We Ready?

Despite mixed reviews regarding our economy, it cannot be denied that the Philippines today enjoy a real estate boom especially in condominiums. Real estate reports say that of almost 40,000 residential units built this year, almost 35,000 have already been … read more

Coming Home To Mandaue Foam

Filipinos treasure and value home because it symbolizes FAMILY. They also love to beautify their homes however big or small it is. Filipinos love furniture to make their home comfortable for the family to live. And he perfect home store, … read more

Gardening 101

Nurturing living things through gardening makes me busy nowadays. If you noticed, I don’t have a new post for a couple of weeks now all because I am giving time to my little garden. This hobby started last June. I … read more

American Standard Luxury Line of Bathroom Fixture

American Standard, one of the leading makers of high-quality bathroom fixtures, launches its latest and most luxurious line of products that promises to make any home the envy of the neighborhood. The latest line of shower heads, lavatories and water … read more

The tree is up!

Yes, the tree is up! My Christmas tree is FINALLY done and my little daughter likes it very much. I know it’s too early to set up the tree since it’s 39 days to go before Christmas. Actually this is … read more