Customer Protect Matters with GCash

Are you a GCash user? This is good news for you and to others who wanted to shift using GCash App.

First, let me ask GCash users if you have experience unauthorized point-of-sale merchant transaction using your GCash MasterCard? Or unauthorized ATM withdrawal from your GCash Mastercard? Or unauthorized online payment from your GCash Mastercard?

Did you know you are assured of compensation for unauthorized financial transactions on GCash App, GCash on Messenger or GCash Mastercard platforms arising from instances such as stolen mobile phone and identity theft?

Yes, just recently, the leading mobile wallet GCash, launched Customer Protect Program, BECAUSE YOUR SECURITY IS IMPORTANT. The program promise that you will not be held liable for unauthorized transactions made from your account.

Anthony Thomas, GCash president and chief executive officer said, “GCash Customer Protect Program is a recourse that our valued users can take should they unfortunately fall prey to physical or virtual theft. It is an added benefit we extend to GCash users for their enhanced peace of mind and maximum enjoyment of the advantages that a fully digital lifestyle brings.”

Of course, there’s a process for everything. Here’s what to remember.

  • You need to file a report (detailed explanation of the issue) no longer than 15 days from the date of unauthorized transaction by contacting GCash Support Team via Help Center, hotline or email.
  • Submit valid government ID and a selfie.
  • Series of mobile phone and contact information verification.

After complying, now what?

Investigation will start. Gcash will respond within a day. Result will take 2 to 15 days and depending on the severity of the problem.

If you are fully verified GCash user, you can receive compensation of the actual amount of unauthorized transactions not exceeding P100,000. Semi-verified users can receive compensation up to P10,000 while basic users can receive up to P2,000.

See, it is very important for users to comply with the verification process of GCash.

With GCash Protect users will have peace of mind using the app.