Daddy Time

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.

Fathers today shows involvement in parenting. Actually, parenting is not a role intended only for mothers. Fathers should also know how important their role for their child’s development and not just focus on earning money.

For the role of being a father, we commend all the daddies in the world. Have you prepared some surprise for Daddy?

I’m sure Fathers will be happy when they received something from their kids and wife as well. If you have not plan something yet, here are some things you could consider.

1) Watch a movie.

2) Eat at Dad’s favorite restaurant or better yet, prepare a small family gathering at home where mom and kids do the cooking.

3) Buy Daddy his favorite jeans or pair of shoes he longed for.

4) How about contributing something on his latest collection?

5) Create a personal greeting card for Dad. Be resourceful and creative through using recycled materials or use digital crafting.


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