Department of Health’s Ten Commandments Related to Firecrackers

Doctor Eric Tayag, assistant secretary of the Department of Health issues his ten commandments for avoiding injuries from firecrackers.

This is in connection with the government’s drive for a safe welcoming of the New Year to bring down the number of firecracker related injuries.

  1.  Every one needs to know fireworks cause injury and endanger health.
  2. Kids should not use any kind of firecrackers or fireworks.
  3. Avoid the streets during the New year revelry because most injuries happen on the streets.
  4. Do not pick up fireworks that failed to explode.
  5. Do not ignore wounds caused by fireworks or firecrackers, no matter how small.
  6. Mount community fireworks displays.
  7. Celebrate holidays with your family.
  8. Use the alternative means for making noise to welcome the New Year.
  9. Join street parties and street games.
  10. Contemplate the year that pass and plan for healthy lifestyle and exercise.

For kids, always remember not to pick up any firecrackers that did not explode.

Anyone who gets injured from fireworks should wash wash with soap and water and proceed to the nearest clinic or hospital for proper treatment.

Warning, untreated wounds caused by firecrackers could cause tetanus. Tetanus can lead to death – but it can also be treated or prevented.