The best summer adventure awaits your family at Fam-O-Lympics

Summer is not just for kids but for the entire family to enjoy. And what a better way to spend it than bonding together over games and the family favorite, Crispy Fry chicken! This summer, head to the Manila Ocean Park (MOP) and join the Fam-O-Lympics on April 13 to 15 for a weekend full of games and yummy fried chicken.

Fam-O-Lympics is the biggest family event this summer season. The highlight of this three-day activity is the competition on April 14 which will test each participating family’s speed, agility and teamwork by completing a number of challenges. One of these is Fry ‘Em Up which will not only try each team’s coordination and quickness but will also allow contestants to enjoy the process of “cooking” fried chicken in a way they have never done before.

The competition is open to a family/team composed of two adults and two children. Application forms are available at the MOP website (www.manilaoceanpark.com) and at the MOP Marketing Department. Registration runs from March 12 to April 14 and registration fee is P200 per team. Each team must bring four packs of any variant of Crispy Fry Breading Mix during the competition day. For more information, please call 567-7777 local 155.

“In this day of computers and gadgets, children may have already forgotten how it is to physically play a game, so the Fam-O-Lympics is a good venue for them to play physical games and for the entire family to bond together. Crispy Fry is very happy to be part of this event because we believe in wellness through physical activities and in the importance of quality family time,” says Ajinomoto Category Manager for Menu Seasoning Pen Alvina.

Aside from the Fam-O-Lympics, guests can also participate in the fried chicken eating contest prepared by Crispy Fry. This crisply irresistible competition has three categories – kids, teens and family. To join, each person must bring a pack of any variant of Crispy Fry and simply register at the booth at the Manila Ocean Park.

Winning teams will bring home cash prizes, tickets to Manila Ocean Park attractions, food and beverage gift certificates and overnight hotel accommodation.

Families can also take part in other activities such as games, parenting talks, cooking demonstrations and story telling. Two brand new mountain bikes will also be raffled off. Competing teams get the chance to win more prizes in the raffle draw, while those who will attend the three-day activity will receive more prizes.

Fam-O-Lympics is presented by Manila Ocean Park and Crispy Fry Breading Mix. Manila Ocean Park is the all-season holiday destination within the city and is home to 10,000 marine life species indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, Crispy Fry Breading Mix is a product of Ajinomoto that guarantees the crispiness and yumminess of fried chicken; it comes in three variants – original, garlic and spicy.

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