Finding your “Guardian Angel”

Leaving our children with a trustworthy guardian is a big relief for working parents like us. Hiring the right person to take care of our kids is very vital and we need to be extra careful because our home and children’s safety, growth and development are at stake.

I have heard and read horrible stories from parents regarding their experiences with their house help or nannies. Some said their children suffer verbal and physical abuse from their nannies most specially when parents are not around.

Others also have nannies who stole their belongings and worst of all, those who connive with kidnapping groups. These stories are really worrying me but luckily I found a kind and industrious one.

To parents who are still in the verge of finding the right guardian for their children, here’s some information that might help you ensure your family and child’s safety.

1) When hiring from a manpower service, be sure to check if the agency is reliable and it follows the law.

2) If through direct contact or recommendation from a friend, be sure you also know the referrer.

3) Require your nanny to give you bio-data and NBI or police clearance if possible.

4) Be tough in questioning her on what to do during emergency situations.

5) And be meticulous on asking about their past employment.

10 comments on “Finding your “Guardian Angel”

  1. I’m lucky that my kid’s yaya has been with us for four years now. I see that she loves my daughter as if she were her own. I’m just a bit worried, because I know that sooner or later, she’d want to leave us, because she has kids of her own in the province.

  2. I grew up with Yaya’s.. Lots of them, they always come and go.
    But the one’s that really took care of me and my siblings are the relatives we took to our household,
    to help with their studies.
    With these precautions, it still not a guarantee, only time tested trust can do that.

  3. Your tips are very good for this purpose as a starter in hiring house helper. Well, you really have to do every possible way to decide together with your husband. Ever angle of your life must be considered, not only the financial status.

  4. Both my parents we’re working when I was growing up so I needed to have a nanny. Luckyly, my grandmother was around to supervise the house and make sure the nanny does her job.

  5. Nowadays, it’s really hard to trust someone who can work efficiently especially with children. But thankfully, we hired someone whom we can place our trust and we’re confident enough to just leave the house with our belongings still in our room. 🙂

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