Good Cops Get Rewarded & Bad Cops Get Punished

One of the occupation that I highly respect is being a policeman. It is not easy risking your life to catch criminals and maintain peace in the community. I know because my grandfather used to be a member of the Police Constabulary in Lucena City, Quezon.

I remember how my grandma always reminds him to be careful in the line of duty. The restlessness my grandma experienced whenever grandpa’s in an assignment is incomparable because policeman’s life is always on the line. Among my grandpa’s accomplishments being a police back then was solving a rape-murder case in 24 hours. Yes, the crime happened somewhere in a university site, but let’s not talk about the case anymore.

Nowadays, whenever I hear news about policemen involved in crimes, I can see in my inner vision my grandfather’s indignant reaction towards bad cops. Because for my lolo, being a police is not just a job, it is a profession that requires passion to serve and protect the country and its citizens and never for self vested interests.

Sadly, some bad cops still serve today, but I know the PNP leadership is doing something to eliminate the bad from the good. This action still gives me high hopes for the police.

AWOL PO1 Ferdinand Rafael arrested in drug buy-bust operation in Sampaloc, Manila.

Just last month, an AWOL policeman selling illegal drugs was caught in an anti-drug operation. Another policeman who extorted money from a suspect he arrested was relieved from his posts and now faces administrative and criminal cases.

The video even went viral because NCRPO Dir. Guillermo Eleazar reprimanded the rookie cop and loses his composure. Critics lambasted Eleazar, but I believe the NCRPO chief just show a natural reaction, like a parent scolding his child who commits mistakes. It is really saddening and frustrating for a superior to find out that one of his men violates the law that they are enforcing. If my lolo is still alive, I believe he would commend Eleazar for not tolerating the police scalawags.

Pointing out that POLICE ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW is a good manifestation that the good image of our police force is not dwindling.

On the other hand, let us not forget to mention and give pride to our policemen who served with honor and integrity. To name a few just recently, these following policemen received Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting (PNP Wounded Personnel Medal):

  • PO3 Christina Villanueva
  • PO1 Arman Cañezares
  • SPO1 Jerry Pascual
  • PO1 Jonathan Peralta
  • PO1 Marino Dulagan and
  • PO1 Leo Mar Orence.

Among those who received Medalya ng Kagalingan are:

  • Police Chief Inspector Sandie Caparroso
  • Police Chief Inspector Alfonso Saligumba III
  • SPO2 Emilio ABoyolen
  • PO3 Mario Maramag
  • PO2 Marlon Ico
  • PO2 Raymund John Sansano
  • PO1 Eustaquio Nuarin II
  • PO1 Francis Miko Bose
  • PO1 Rodel Sibal
  • PO1 Marvin Fang-asan
  • PO1 Roy Uanan
  • PO1 Eddie-son Galpao.

See, we still have many men in uniform who dedicate their life to serve and protect. We must support them and be proud of them.