Home Sweet Home for the Tibay Hero

The sweet laughter of Aling Delia Balonzo’s children mirrored the tibay proof of happiness as they received their new home.

Last June 28, Republic Cement awarded the two-storey house to Tibay Hero winner, Aling Delia in Valenzuela City. It came just in time when Aling Delia have two additional angels to take good care of. Yes, Aling Delia, a mother of 13 have 11 more children to raise – the youngest was 2 months old.

Thinking how hard it was to make ends meet, I was inspired upon learning how Aling Delia was able to raise her children. She said she grabbed every opportunity to earn money and support her family. She tended a sari-sari store and a small canteen. She occassionally served as manghihilot or midwife and laundrywoman too. Her tibay ng loob, propelled her children to finish school and succeed in life.


No wonder, out of 1,671 entries, Aling Delia’s story stood out for the “Republic Tibay Mo, Inspirasyon ko!” criteria. She demonstrated courageous attitude to persevere for their loves ones. Aling Delia’s tibay ng loob epitomized the same tibay in every single bag of Republic Cement, the only cement in the Philippines with Tibay Enhancers, a special technology that makes concrete more compact and more durable from the inside.


“This tibay is our legacy. Delias legacy to her children and every one who had witnessed her story – and our legacy to every Filipino family who builds with Republic Cement.” said Renato Sunico, president Republic Cement and Building Materials, Inc.


Aling Delia’s new house was designed by Palafox Architecture. It’s a tropical contemporary house with three bedrooms and bears the tibay legacy that can be passed on from generation to generation. The additional surprise, it was fully furnished!

Home sweet home indeed!