How to Eat Healthier While You Travel Around the World

People are conditioned from a young age to believe that it is next to impossible to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle when you travel abroad. But this article hopes to banish that myth forever. It is totally possible, and even inexpensive, to eat healthier and stick to a positive, healthy lifestyle while you travel the world. Here’s how–

Pack Some Go-To Snacks at Every Stop

Whether you are driving around the United States, heading to stay in vacation rentals Bald Head Island, or booking flights and charters across the world to various destinations, you will have mapped out stops. Refresh your backpack of go-to snacks at every opportunity. Snacks should be loaded with protein, like jerkies or peanut butter, while also being non-perishable for the duration of your trip.

Drink Plenty of Water to Cut Down on Sugary Cravings

If you have a mega sweet tooth, guzzle lots of water to cut down on sugary cravings. Sugar can make you feel super-sluggish on your travels, which leads to slothful behavior and negative feelings. Keep your mood upbeat and your body going strong with regular sips of sugar-crushing water.

Satisfy Those Sugary Cravings in Small Doses

If you absolutely need something sugary, opt for dark chocolate in small doses. Pack a small bag of Hershey Kisses, or snag a chocolate bar from a pitstop. Break off a piece of chocolate whenever you need a sugar fix. Dark chocolate is optimum because it packs natural antioxidants to combat the negative effects of too-much sugar.

Budget Your Spending When It Comes to Foods to Try

Create a food budget for your destinations and stick to it. Only allow yourself to spend money on good-for-you, healthy options, like chicken curries, lambchops with mint jellies, and creole gumbo. Get hearty, nutritious, filling meals that you know will satisfy your hunger and energize your body for hours.

Perform Your Foodie Research for Your Destination Beforehand

Travel is, of course, a big part of being a dedicated foodie. If you love trying new things, you can make healthy choices by researching your destination beforehand. Make a list of cultural cuisine that you MUST try. If something is sweet or loaded with empty calories, use moderation to sample and enjoy it.

Eating healthy is more a mental hurdle than it is a physical one. Sure, there will be times when you are faced with a feast of calorie-laden cuisine, but that means you simply need to exercise moderation and restraint. Despite popular belief, you CAN eat healthy and still get the utmost enjoyment from your meals.