How To Make Everyday Valentine’s Day for Superbusy Couples

Valentine’s Day is not just going on a date like watching a concert, eating in a fine dining restaurant, giving gifts, flowers or chocolates. The truth is couples can do these things everyday. So superbusy moms and dads need not fret if you failed to reserve for a concert ticket or missed the degustation by a famous chef.

No, I’m not telling you to be a killjoy. I just know how hard it is to make a living today. Most superbusy moms and dads are working hard to make ends meet. Celebrate Valentine’s Day the simple way, just by keeping the faith or never hurting nor deceiving your partner. Anyway, Valentine’s is all about LOVE.

As I’ve said, you can watch a concert or have a datenight in any resto any day of the year, meaning  you can make everyday Valentine’s Day. Now, here are some simple tips to make everyday – love day for mommies and daddies.

1) Make your partner feel good about themselves. 

How: A simple praise would do, like telling them how he looks good on his new shirt or how lovely she is on her new hairdo

2) Communicate your feelings.

How: Exchange love notes everyday or better know your spouse’s love language. Finding this little note in her bag or in his car creates surprise and smile that would make him/her think of your mutual affection.

3) Never forget your sweet moments.

How: When and where was your first date? Your first kiss? And many other memorable experience you’ve had. Make each other remember your sweet moments and this for sure will create more spark on all the love you’ve shared since you became one.

4) Have some simple fun.

How: This not need more time to do. Tickle your partner the moment she wakes up in bed. Or have a pillow fight the night before you sleep.

5) Focus on good sex.

How: Understand your partner intimately. You may not have more time making love but be sure that when it happens your partner is satisfied.

8 comments on “How To Make Everyday Valentine’s Day for Superbusy Couples

  1. Celebrate Valentine’s Day every day. Work together, you’re love is sure to grow. And keep your relationship healthy and stronger that way you can celebrate Valentine’s Day every day.

  2. The number 5 tip is so true. Sometimes, busy couple tend to forget about how to make GOOD loving moments 🙂 .

  3. i agree to all the tips, especially the # 5. Not for anything else , but i guess sex is the ultimate expression of love .its not only physical, but it involves mind, body and spirit 🙂

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