How your kids can enjoy their meals at school?

It’s been a week since the classes started. I bet, some moms have gone through a week of deciding what baon to prepare for their kids. How can you revive the fun in your child’s lunchtime at school? I hope these tips helps.

Welcome kids in the kitchen

Invite your kids to help out in the kitchen. By doing this, you’ll give them an idea what it takes to prepare their food. Letting them help and allowing them to frequently assist you in the kitchen will make them want to try and sample the food they’ve helped prepare.

Be creative

Presentation is key to making a meal more enjoyable. Children, being very observant, may be more persuaded to eat if what they see looks attractive. This is also one way of masking nourishing ingredients for your little ones.

Ask what they want

Yes. I think this is important so they are excited to eat their baon in school. Let’s make it a habit to prepare well-balanced and healthy meals by adding fruits or milk to their baon. Get your kids involved to make every mealtime at school fun and meaningful for them.