Ilocano Dishes at La Preciosa

Our second day exploring the towns of Ilocos Norte was very tiring. Before we headed to our hotel in Laoag City, our stomachs were already in ravenous mode, in short, we were all hungry. Since we all wanted to try something new, we opted to look for a restaurant that caters Ilocano dishes. 

The first restaurant we searched with the help of my mobile internet was already full. So we looked for another one and we were able to found La Preciosa, located in J.P Rizal. 


While waiting for our turn as customer number 12

The queue was very long, but we patiently waited for our turn. A lady from the restaurant went out and entertained us. She politely asked us to place our order so they can prepare it early. She even gave us a plate of peanuts to munch on while waiting for our number to be called.

Since we wanted authentic Ilocano dishes, I asked her directly if they serve the foods we were looking for like Puqui-Puqui, Dinakdakan or Warek-Warek, Dinengdeng and Bagnet and thanks, God, they have these on their menu.


Forgive me for the blurred picture of Bagnet. I was really hungry by the time I was taking photo of this crunchy and yummy piece of meat. This Bagnet with KBL costs P195.00.


The also famous Puqui-Puqui (yes, you read it right) made from egg, tomatoes, onions and eggplant.


My favorite Vigan longanisa is also in the house for only P165.00




A must try Crispy Dinuguan, made in bagnet (P195.00)

I was not able to take a picture of the Dinengdeng and the Warek-Warek because the time it was placed on our table my sisters cannot wait to eat a little longer anymore.

After eating, we learned that the lady who talked to us earlier was the daughter and now the owner of La Preciosa. She’s very hands on with the business. Before we head back to the hotel, we also bought the famous Carrot cake.



La Preciosa as a fine dining restaurant serves good Ilocano foods at a modest price. I will visit and dine again here with friends and family.





11 comments on “Ilocano Dishes at La Preciosa

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Ilocos, be it Laoag or Vigan. But unfortunately, I never had the chance. I’d love to eat the ones you’ve blogged about esp. Bagnet, authentic Ilocos Empanada and dinakdakan. Yum! Mentioning these are enough salivator for me. The carrot cake looks simple but I bet it tastes real good too.

  2. Wow this is nice. My mom is a Ilocano so I’m surely she will be interested to try it!

  3. Prices are not bad at all. Very few restaurants in Manila serve up those authentic Ilocano dishes so dining at La Preciosa is really something I’d look forward to when in Ilocos Norte.

  4. My old folks are from Cabugao Ilocos Sur so I am familiar with the dishes. Hopefully, the next time we visit them, mag-drop by kami sa place na yan to savor their Ilocano dishes.

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