Installing Wooden Shelves

In line with the room renovation, we removed the television stand and replace it with simple wooden shelves. We chose it to manage space in our tiny room.

We bought the ELEMENT SYSTEM WOODEN SHELVES 800mm by 250 mm



Four brackets


Two single slotted wall upright


How we installed it?

Step 1. Determine the distance between the uprights

Step 2. Determine the distance of the shelves

Step 3. Drill for the holes. Place the upright and lock it with screw.

Step 4. Place the bracket according to your desired position and distance.

Step 5. Place the wooden shelf on top of the set of bracket.

Easy peasy!

11 comments on “Installing Wooden Shelves

  1. Are those shelves sturdy enough to carry lots of books? 🙂 You can also paint them with a different color or put wallpaper to cover the original color.

  2. This is exactly what I need for our small room! But, like what they said, could it carry a lot of books? My books are inside a lonely cabinet and I want to show them off by displaying them in a shelf like this. 🙂

  3. same questions as Kristine, how sturdy is this book shelves? And what wood was used , board particle or Malaysian lumber? If board particle then di pwede ang moisture dyan.

  4. This is a helpful post on how to install wooden shelves. You also provided the steps needed, good job!

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