Keep Your Breath Fresh with Swish

Dental care products help us keep our gums and teeth healthy. An example of good oral hygiene practice is brushing the teeth two to three times a day and flossing.

But today, most of us also gargle with mouthwash to keep our breath fresh. Mouthwash enhances oral hygiene.

DSC_0918I encouraged my son to use a mouth rinse even after brushing his teeth. By next week, he’ll start his journey under DOST program. His schedule is from morning until the afternoon so he needs to bring an extra shirt and yes, dental care products like Swish Mouthwash.

I’m glad Swish Breath Spray has been already available in the market. Now, I don’t have to let my son bring a regular bottle of mouthwash at school. Instead he can bring Swish Breath Spray, much more convenient and hassle free. I don’t need to worry because he can’t swallow the rinse in each spray. Plus it’s budget friendly, a bottle can last up to 100 sprays and costs only P105.00.

My favorite of Swish product is the Arctic Chill flavor. I love how it brings the shivering effect on my mouth. Plus it helps kill bacteria that causes bad breath. What I also love about Swish product? It’s alcohol free and sugar free!

DSC_0922Also, I have tried using Swish Mangosteen Mint and Cinnamon Blast. These are a unique alternative to traditional mouthwash flavors.

Try these and find out how its minty flavors could tickle your mouth and leave your breath fresh.