Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid that I Discovered at Home

I got more time staying at home lately due to the quarantine measures imposed by the government because of the COVID-19 pandemic. At first, I was glad to spend time in the house, especially in the kitchen. Why? I always cook for my family and they loved it. Sometimes, we bond through cooking or baking too. The eagerness to cook for them, drove me to discover new recipes that I can serve them and we can feast on.

But as time goes by, I encountered several kitchen problems. Yes, spending more time in the kitchen lately made me notice some mistakes not only on its overall look, but how it affects my cooking activity. I am thinking of improving the kitchen when the pandemic is over. In the meantime, I am reading more about Kitchen makeover.

Here are some Kitchen mistakes I discovered at home.

  1. Flooring

The tiles we used was somewhat slippery, especially when oil sits on the floor when I am frying. The color is also lighter so the dirt is very visible if not cleaned well. Experts say, having a concrete floor or natural stone floor is better but regular maintenance is still needed.

Slippery flooring

2. Limited Space

Our kitchen has limited space so it’s hard to move freely, especially if there are 2 or more people. I read that we should allow at least 36 inches for passageways and 42 inches of space between an appliances and a cabinet or table or kitchen island.

I have a table in the kitchen that I think is space consuming because it is beside the ref. I’m willing to remove it and replace it with a modular countertop or maybe I should buy a refrigerator instead.

3. Limited Storage

They say the more storage in the kitchen, the better. The reason? So you can accumulate more stuff and conceal some appliances. Always consider cabinets for your pans, your utensils, your groceries and small appliances.

Cabinets are not up to the ceiling.

4. The cabinets fall short of the ceiling.

I admit I hate dusting over and over again. Since our cabinets are not up to the ceiling there are dust build-up. Putting any unused appliances on top of it was an eyesore too.

Our cabinets have transparent opening. I think it adds to the clutter when the things inside are untidy or aren’t piled-up systematically.

5. Ventilation

We don’t have proper ventilation in the kitchen and no windows available too. I do not have a kitchen range hood to address my problem of grease, smoke and odors.

If not for the community quarantine, I wouldn’t notice and I wouldn’t identify these big problems in my kitchen. Now I am thinking of having it renovated. I want to plan it accordingly. For now, I am scouting best prices on refrigerators.

I know that creating a design for our kitchen is an exciting process but before we push through, I believe I must carefully think through the finer details to avoid mistakes. I believe investing in the kitchen is a wise decision too.