Learning, Fun and Surprises at The Robot Zoo

Have you ever been to a zoo? A zoo is short for zoological park. According to Wikipedia, a zoo is a facility where animals are confined within closures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred.

I believe most of YOU have visited a zoo WITH YOUR FAMILY and KIDS. But have you heard about The Robot Zoo? Yes, The Robot Zoo! Sounds interesting right?

The good news is, you can finally visit The Robot Zoo at the NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center at SM Mall of Asia!

You can also win 2 tickets…see the instructions below.

Experience interactive fun at The Robot Zoo. Here’s some marvelous critters that you can enjoy with your kids.

The Robot Zoo serves as a preview to the more exciting things we have in store for our re-launch—something we’re all so thrilled about,” says Arturo Carballo, Senior Operations Manager of NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center.

The Robot Zoo Girafee will greet you upon entering the exhibit.

The Robot Zoo Platypus, one of the main attractions of the newly opened Robot Zoo Exhibit in the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center Exhibit Hall.


1. We are giving away two “2” complimentary passes to our readers who will give us the best answer to this question, “I want to visit the Robot Zoo in SM Mall of Asia because…”
2. The winners will be announced on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 5PM.
3. The zoo visits be scheduled beginning July 9, 2012.

22 comments on “Learning, Fun and Surprises at The Robot Zoo

  1. I want to visit the Robot Zoo in Sm Mall of Asia because I want to treat my 2 y/o nephew Danesi. I might not be a mom but I love what it feels like when I’m taking care of him. He has never been into places like this aside from the other usual playgrounds and playhouses. It would be a delight to see him mostly when he screams and point out to those robotic animals. I am very sure that he won’t forget it as he has always been good in recalling places. I would be very glad if he will be able to witness the moving machines, learn and enjoy them all at the same time.

  2. this is new to me and to join the contest let me answer your question”

    I want to visit the Robot Zoo in SM Mall of Asia because my kids will surely love to see a different kind of see. They already been to a lot of zoo with all sorts of animals but this Robot Zoo is a whole new experience to them.

  3. There’s so much hype with the Robot Zoo and the more I see it the more I want to visit it. It’s gonna feel like those futuristic movies and at the same time, it will be educational. I am now tempted to go as early as this weekend.

  4. I want to visit the Robot Zoo at SM Mall of Asia cause me and my 4y/o cousin will definitely have fun. I remembered his reaction when we went to the discovery center and see how his eyes amazed by the gigantic robots and felt his eagerness to have him photoshoot with each and every robots (just imagine a 3 y/o kid asking to have a phototaken).

  5. I would like to visit the robot zoo with my daughter as I believe learning is not just thru books but by seeing them first hand thru touching, seeing and hearing (sometimes even thru smell). We have been to the NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center before and my daughter enjoyed it very much because she gets to learn thru the various exhibits and making learn about science fun. I always believe that learning should be fun and not thru the boring classroom method. This new innovation would help kids of all ages learn about science and still enjoy the process of learning and kids doesn’t notice while they are having fun, they are learning at the same time. Great Addition to the NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center!

  6. I want to visit the Robot Zoo at SM Mall of Asia because I want to bring along an out of school youth in my barangay so he would experience a different level of learning. I know that the kid will appreciate it and the visit will forever be etched in his young mind and who knows this visit might light the fire in his soul and made him resolve to continue his studies. He might become a scientist someday. We could never fathom the impact that the Robot Zoo might bring.

  7. I want to visit the Robot Zoo in SM Mall of Asia because my daughter has been to stress lately jumping to a big school with a lot of classmate to inter act with, lots of assignment to do, have long hours at school make her more stressful(pumpayat na nga). This will make her relax and at the same time have fun with robot animals.What a fun why of learning this would be.I am sure she will be really happy If I will win this.

  8. I want to visit the Robot Zoo in SM Mall of Asia because I am a single Mom who aims to nurture the wanderlust of my son in discovering more about Science and the Universe. If I ca get complimentary tickets, its a great opportunity for us both since I won’t have to strain my budget but at the same time, I am still able to teach my kid more and help him learn more.

  9. I want to visit the Robot Zoo in SM Mall of Asia because I know that learning science is fun and enjoyable!

    This amazing, interactive and kid-friendly place would make it easier for my kids to appreciate science and the environment as well. Sometimes, my kids have questions that’s really challenging to answer, like how chameleons changes its color or how long can a giraffe’s neck be!
    I know that their curious minds would get answers as they discover and explore the Robot Zoo with their senses.

  10. Thanks! Looking forward to go to the Robot Zoo of the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center. So excited to experience this new feature. BTW, how do I get the passes?

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