Lock&Lock Hello Kitty Collection

Lock&Lock unveiled its newest collection of high-quality food containers featuring the world’s most iconic cat-like character – Hello Kitty!

Upon the opening remarks, Mr. Raphael Chua, president of Lock&Lock Philippines, greeted moms with the controversial question, “Is Hello Kitty a cat?” And all moms answered with a laugh. We didn’t bother if Hello Kitty is a real cat or not, because we just love Hello Kitty. And we love our kids to love Hello Kitty too!

Mr. Chua, further explained why Lock&Lock partnered with Hello Kitty. He said,ย โ€œEveryone around the world knows who Hello Kitty is and the character has had a strong following for many years. Now, we are integrating this brand into our high-quality food containers so that kids and kids at heart will be able keep their food in reliable containers while spreading joy and happiness characterized by this character.โ€

These are the newest Lock&Lock Hello Kitty collection.

HK Food container

Hello Kitty BPA Free water container

Hello Kitty BPA Free water container

HK Food containers 3

Lock&Lock Hello Kitty Food containers in different sizes

HK Food containers

Lock&Lock Food Containers in different sizes


Lock&Lock Hello Kitty Sandwich Container Set


Lock&Lock Hello Kitty Bento Baon Set

Moms and kids enjoyed the launch of the Lock&Lock Hello Kitty Collection at East Atrium of Edsa Shangri-La. Kids were treated with free face painting, free coloring and loom band making while moms were busy watching and listening to Ms. Aileen Lucero of Ecowaste Coalition. She shared some tips on baon ideas and stressed the importance of bringing your own food containers.

HK demo

Live demo by Ms. Aileen Lucero

Aside from the live demo, guests were challenged with the cup cake decorating contest at Wee Nam Kee Restaurant.

HK cupcake

Cup cake decorating contest

Winning cup cake by Mommy Jen Aspacio

Winning cup cake by Mommy Jen Aspacio


Now here are the reasons why I love Lock&Lock products?

1) It’s air tight feature keeps the food fresh.

2) It’s liquid tight feature makes moms worry free of any spillage.

3) Lock&Lock containers are bisphenol A free and pthalate free, thus it is safe from harmful industrial chemicals.

4) It is stylish and convenient to use.

5) It is durable or long-lasting thus it is pocket friendly.

HK Food containers 1

HK Food containers 2

Lunch time is now even more exciting for little girls all over the country with Lock&Lock Hello Kitty collection!

30 comments on “Lock&Lock Hello Kitty Collection

  1. Lock & Lock have sure created an attractive line with the release of their Hello Kitty branded range, one does wonder with all this publicity about non specific gender related products for kids, why would you create a range so obviously targeting Mom’s of little girls? Nonetheless an interesting article with some fantastic photos! Well done and thanks for the information, Stephen

  2. Perfect for the little girls who want to have a cute lunch box but is it available in other colors since not all girls like pink. For sure, they would want other colors.. I like what you describe about Hello Kitty as a ‘cat-like’ creature. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I love cats but for some reason I’m not drawn to Hello Kitty products! There’s a great following of Hello Kitty products so Lock&Lock sure made a smart business move

  4. So much pink !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And the controversial comment whether or not Hello Kitty is a cat or not ….. apparently not ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I so love HELLO KITTY. Good that Lock&Lock added HELLO KITTY to their collection. I am sure mothers who love KITTY, just likely want to have this for their girls too!

  6. hahaha! something else for all my Hello-Kitty-crazed friends to look forward to!! I have to say – the range looks quite pretty! Bake some mini muffins, and load them into the Tupperware and voila, a purrfect Christmas pressie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Lock&Lock is like the longest and most trustworthy brand ever for containers… And it’s a smart move to go Hello Kitty when there’s so many people crazy about Hello Kitty! (Though I’m not a fan), I’m a pink lover! ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Very cute for little girls and not so little girls who are mad about Hello Kitty till now. However, what is their alternative for little boys?

  9. I am a huge fan of Hello Kitty brand and any such products immediately arise my interest. I love the food containers, and the all the Lock and Lock products as a whole!

  10. I still love Hello Kitty because it made my kids so joyful to get her products as kids… You can’t miss that pink and the cute cat.

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