Loving the SM Kids Apparel

SM Kids’ Fashion, the country’ leading children’s wear offers a wide array of clothes your kids would love.

You can find simple day-to-day to stylish clothes and dresses here for a very affordable and pocket-friendly price.

For your daughter or niece, you can choose from Girl’s Edition, Little Miss, Blush Collection and yes there is Hello Kitty too. For your little man and nephew, they have the Boys Got Style and Dude collections.

A clothes lover that she is, my daughter excitedly wear these cute, comfy and fashionable children’s clothes we bought at SM Mall. And I’d like to thank Outsmark and SM because you made my little princess so happy.

She wears clothes from Little Miss P299.75 and polka dots shorts P249.75. Hello Kitty Shirt P299.75. Lizzie sleeveless P299.75. Leggings P199.75.

Her sandals is from Sugar P299.75 and pink bag courtesy of SM Kids’ Fashion. Hello Kitty stuffed toy courtesy of SM Kids’ Fashion.

18 comments on “Loving the SM Kids Apparel

  1. ooo… she is so cute.. Na miss ko na bilhan ang baby ko dito .. although shes only 9 bec she has a bid built and she is so tall pang teens na siya… ๐Ÿ™

  2. I’m not a fan of SM at all, truth be told ๐Ÿ™‚ Their last Kids Apparel promo app had a total of three clear violations of Facebook user guidelines (I’m OC that way; social is my work). Add the Baguio incident plus worker-rights issues… just not the mall I’d be willing to support with any sort of honesty.

  3. Oh I love her green outfit, she looks real cutie. I will need to check-out the outfit for boys as well, for my little young man. Thanks!

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