Mommies, Are You Ready for Christmas?

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Moms are the busiest person during Christmas season, right? We do the home decoration like setting up the Christmas tree to make the kids feel the spirit of the holiday in the house. We prepare the foods for Noche Buena and buy gifts for the kids, relatives and godchildren…and everything in between.

It is always the Christmas rush that I hate the most. I experienced it before and from then on I swear it won’t happen to me again. I don’t want to scamper around the mall a few hours before Christmas hunting for gifts to give to my children nor be in the long queue at the supermarket because i forgot to buy some ingredients.

Here are some things I do to avoid the rush.
1. Mall sale happens anytime of the year so I take advantage of it instead of waiting for the Xmas sale or bazaar. I do some extra shopping specially for clothes that my children can wear during their Christmas party or something that I can present as gift to my godchildren.
2. I search early for recipes to prepare for Noche Buena and stock some canned goods and pasta since during Christmas season food prices usually go up. Just be aware of the expiration date to be safe.
3. I have a list of my God children so I will not forget who to give Christmas present. Usually, I give clothes or toys for children ages 0 to 7. For ages 8 and up I give money instead.
4. For home decorations or whenever I wanted to change the theme for the next holiday season. I buy decors just after Christmas because I noticed that the prices for these items dropped after December 25.
5. For traveling or out of town plans. I do some budgeting as early as possible. Hunt for seat sale or book early for flight and hotel reservation.

Holiday season is best to celebrate with your family and to enjoy it more, better manage your time and money to experience the best of the season of love and giving.


5 comments on “Mommies, Are You Ready for Christmas?

  1. Indeed, time management is key to enjoying this very busy holiday, and you’re so right, moms are the busiest during this year, Santa Claus ain’t got nothing on us! 😀 LOL 😀

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