Moms Take on Business Matters

Hey, mommies! Does it matter to you when businesses support the communities?

For me it’s a big factor. In fact, I admire companies that care about the environment and those who think about children and women’s welfare.

I buy their products and avail their services. In that way, I feel I am nurturing others life too.

Indeed, companies who care not only about their profit are companies that really matter.

Do you want to know if the company you work with is socially responsible or do you want to explore which businesses in the country are helping to uplift lives?

If yes, I’d recommend you to watch the pilot episode of Business Matters this Saturday night from 9:30 to 10:00 p.m, on Bloomberg TV PH.

Business Matters, hosted by Manu Sandejas is the Philippines’ first-ever TV documentary that examines the practice of corporate citizenship among local companies.

It is an inspiring show that exhibits stories of change, hope and accomplishment amidst diversity while touching on pressing developmental challenges like poverty, food and water security, gender and equality, and a lot more.

Their pilot episode tackles about women micro-entrepreneurs supported by a local beverage company.


“The playing field has changed. Consumers are likely to put their money where their heart is, and would much rather prefer investing in goods and services from companies that are genuinely committed to social responsibility,” shared Robert Carizo, Executive Producer of Sweet Potato Productions, the independent television production company behind Business Matters, and the health and lifestyle program Health Matters.

Essentially, Business Matters highlights stories about the synergies made by key players looking to impart shared value principles in creating a positive difference in society today.



I believe that helping others always attracts positive Karma, so let’s keep the good vibes rolling. Watch Business Matters tonight and help spread the good news.