Mosp Skin Care & Maquillage: Better Beauty Investment

Last August 12, 2017, I was one of the lucky few who had first dibs on MOSP Skin care and Maquillage products at the Coffee Project branch in Makati City. It was a fresh experience for me since I only know a bit about Korean beauty and skin care products.

Our light conversation over coffee leads us to learn more about MOSP. Actually, it is pronounced as mo-sip, and it means beauty within. It’s a Korean product proudly made by Hanacos Co, Ltd. MOSP is available in the Philippines for three years now, imported and distributed by One Pharma Company, Inc.

The good news announced during the bloggers meet – MOSP now comes in new chic packaging.

Other than the superficial features of the products, we learned that MOSP products came from the cleanest area in Korea – the Gangwon-Do, thus it’s created with fresh air, clean water, and vegetables from the high altitude cool region.

Basically, MOSP is a healthy skin food. It contains five vegetable extracts, from tomato, carrot, yellow paprika, broccoli, and eggplant. These are natural ingredients that help skin become soft and smooth.

To be frank, during the meet, I felt a bit inferior because I am with beauty bloggers.  I really don’t feel beautiful with all my facial problems like open pores, milia and I feel so vulnerable to judgment. I envy those who have flawless and porcelain-like facial skin. However, I knew I would learn something from this meet-up to improve knowledge about how to be good-looking (if not beautiful, lolz)

Light conversation with fellow bloggers and Mosp Philippines marketing officers at Coffee Project, Makati.

I really wanted to try MOSP skin care products because I have lots of facial impurities but I was able to get hold of the makeup products. Not bad, because each product really shows vivid improvement on me ( Browse below for the review).

Mosp Perfect Blemish Moisture Balm shields your skin against the damaging effects of sun exposure and delivers broad-spectrum protection to fight premature skin aging. SPF 50+/PA+++

Mosp Perfect Blemish Moisture Balm (50g) costs P911.00

Perfect Blemish Moisture Balm cream is darker in color than the CC cream. When you put it on the face, it doesn’t feel sticky at all even after you’ve been under the sun. I also noticed that the face is easy to wash.

No filter photo

What did I love about this product? It really hides my facial impurities. Some of my dark spots, moles on the face and milia were unnoticeable after I applied the product. I also noticed that my face became lighter. Lastly is the fine scent that I really love to apply it daily.

Mosp Moisturizing CC Cream has an advanced skin tone sensing tri-color technology capsule that burst and disperse evenly upon application to adapt to the skin’s natural color to create an even-toned look. SPF 50+/PA+++

Mosp Luminous Moisturizing CC Cream (50g) costs P955.00

Lighter cream and has a finer scent than the Moisture Balm. This Moisturizing CC cream is also not sticky on the face and when you apply, it easily blends with the skin and gives you all natural feels.

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What did I love about this product? It lasts all day. I don’t have to apply again. Skin doesn’t feel rought at all. For retouch, I just need to use the Mosp Face Vita Brightening Pact.

The Mosp Face Vita Brightening Pact has breathable micro powder factor which does not clog pores or cause skin irritation.

Mosp Face Vita Brightening Pact (10g) costs P977.00

As for the product prices, it might be a bit costly, it still fared cheaper than other brands. I can say that it’s a good beauty investment and I am investing on it. I advise you should too.

Did you know that you can buy Mosp products at BEAUTY MNL? Browse now and buy!

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