PMC Grand EB 2011: The Grandest of All

Pinay Mommies Community Grand Eye Ball last November 22 (Tuesday) held at Aling Tonya’s Seafood Restaurant in Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City was a success. It was a fun-filled day with mom bloggers whom I often mingle only through their respective blogs and yes, through our PMC Facebook page.

It was my second time to meet PMC founder Mommy Ruby Ricafrente who flew to Manila all the way from Cagayan de Oro with her family. Some moms from abroad were also present like Mommy Willa Stock of Canada and Che Ramos of Germany and yes, moms from all over the Philippines were there to have fun too.

Our major sponsors:

And our minor sponsors:


The program was hosted by the wacky moms of PMC – Mommy Cielo and Ning Buning and made possible with Mommy Pehpot’s full effort and moms behind the committees


I took the opportunity to take some pics while moms were busy eating.


Mommy Ruby gave the welcome remarks. She also tackled the PMC vision, mission and future project.

And the winners were announced:

For Smart Steps:



For UNILAB‘s Ceelin and Dolan where yours truly was named one of the lucky Dolan winners.


And minor sponsors winners – where I was again lucky enough to be called a winner for Richwell’s Liv Doll named Katie.


In addition, Grendha also raffled a pair of shoes which will be delivered at the winners home – who happened to be Mommy Ruby. Goldquest Biotechnologies also supported the event.

We also enjoyed the KrazyPix booth.



Here’s my token for the moms a fruit bag and the tokens I got from the wonderful PMC members.


And as I have said this was the grandest because I won in the 3 raffles. One from Unilab’s DOLAN and one from minor sponsor Richwell and from Mommy Ane.

I got Ibruprofen Dolan gift pack that includes:

* Ibuprofen Dolan FP 100 mg oral drops
* Ibuprofen Dolan FP Forte 200 mg suspension
* Dolan digital thermometer
* Dolan pencils
* Dolan bag
* Dolan pillow

By the way, Dolan is effective for kid’s fever and pain. It’s catchy lines, For faster kids’ fever relief, i-Dolan na yan! Biling Galing, Bilis Dolan is a true statement.


I attest to Dolan’s effectiveness in curing my son’s fever and toothache. I was really overwhelmed winning a Dolan gift pack during the EB. On the other hand, the mascot Speedy Dolan really catches my daughter’s attention that she won’t let go of the pencil and pillow.

Here’s my daughter with my Dolan winnings and Unilab gift pack.

Who would have thought that day would be more than a big bang? Every PMC moms were surprised seeing the members and founder. Talked, laughed and feasted together and receive more than what we could expect from our wonderful sponsors.

I’m sure this won’t be the last gathering but just the start of building a more meaningful group who aims for a better future – for family, community, country and the whole world. Right, PMC moms?

(Special thanks to Mommy Maui Flores for some pictures included in this post)

One comment on “PMC Grand EB 2011: The Grandest of All

  1. indeed, the GRANDEST. and I am so sad that I missed it. if only I have bought two airline tickets earlier, nakasali sana ako:)

    thanks for the token sis, nakatanggap pala ako:)

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