Pregnancy and mysterious virus

Pregnant mother usually experience shortness of breath. It is very common and normal. But if you feel that your difficulty in breathing is getting worst or severe, please see your doctor instantly.

You may have respiratory disease like pneumonia while child-bearing.  Pregnant women with pneumonia are said to be in high-risk condition.

I’d like to share to you a report connected to pregnancy and pneumonia. Just recently, South Korea recorded an unidentified virus that victimize pregnant woman with pneumonia. In fact, two already died, The latest patient who died last May 10, tested positive for type-53 adenovirus.

These patients showed the following symptoms like flu and difficulty in breathing. But according to reports, health officials are still finding the direct implication of the virus to the patient’s ailment.

So there, pregnant Moms, do take care of yourself for your baby’s health too.




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