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Encouraging kids to read at an early age is a good practice. I remember when I was young then, I would go to the school library during recess just to read some books about fairy tales and I frequently borrow books about Origami. I am fond of doing paper art when I was in Grade 4.

Engaging kids to read takes a lot of effort today because technology now interferes with their interest in browsing their books. You see how social media sites like Facebook and online games attract our child’s attention? Besides the internet is much more in use than turning the paper book from page to page.
But through this handy and sleek Kindle Fire, I can easily get my kids attention because it has a Text Pop-Up feature for reading text over vivid, full-color images. Just by tapping the text region, it will expand so that it would be easy for them to read.

The main objective of this gadget is to promote reading where you can choose from myriad of e-books that can be easily downloaded. You can read your favorite author without spending much because there are free downloadable e-book at Amazon that you can choose.

And aside from being an e-book, Kindle also have other features that enables mom and dad to shop and AFTER reading kid’s can also play, watch a movie or a television show. Kindle really gives us option for comfortable reading and accessible entertainment.

13 comments on “Reading with Kindle

  1. true, kindle is a must for kids, especially those who loves to read just like my son .I got him a kindle fire last Christmas and until now, he uses it for reading purposes.

  2. It’s nice to see parents encouraging reading as opposed to playing online games. I like the fact that they can’t really get online on a kindle as easily as on a laptop, iPad, or Phone. Teaches kids to self-soothe and all. 🙂

  3. i have always been fond of reading… and if such devices encourages more people to get into reading then GOOD… but I also take strong value to BOOKS..

  4. hmmm… “mom, i’m going to read something” or “mom, i’m going to search about _______ on Google, can i use your Ipad?”

    five minutes later….they’re already playing Temple Run or any other games installed in my iPad 😀

  5. Being a book lover and a friend of the environment, I want to enjoy reading in the future using an e-book device such as Kindle.

  6. Online reading is more convenient compared to book reading
    but it’s better to read books than e-books because traditional way has
    more PERSONAL touch and worth collecting as well.

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