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Grand or not, we always want the best for our children especially on their birthdays.

But for a working mom like me, it’s personally hard to manage a do-it-yourself birthday party. I seek help from relatives and friends just to make the party happen. Often than not, I still missed some items or products on that special day. What is more sad, I often overshoot the budget.

Glad Red Ribbon now have a microsite were mommies-on-the-go like me can organize a budget-wise birthday party in just a click. It’s the Red Ribbon Birthday Budget PlannerΒ .

mydedication cake 2

The new Red Ribbon microsite was introduced to us, moms, last Thursday at Aracama, The Fort.


The occasion was not complete without the Red Ribbon Dedication Cake. An 8×8 Chocolate Cake good for 12 persons for only P299.


Don’t worry moms, there are other sizes available for Dedication Cakes (you can choose in the microsite) and aside from Chocolate flavor, you can also opt for Mocha. These flavors are “patok” for kids during birthday parties.

During the conference, moms also had fun while getting-to-know each other through “Human Bingo”.



Mommies posed after the event

Since my children’s birthday had already passed, I tried to plan for my upcoming birthday this October πŸ™‚

Using the Red Ribbon Microsite, I followed these simple steps:

1) Go to Red Ribbon Budget Party Planner microsite (

2). Input the budget you wish to spend on your party. (I want to spend P3,000)

3) Choose snacks, drinks and decorations from the drop down menus.

Party Input

4) Choose party food and drinks suppliers: They have Jollibee, Chowking, Rufo’s Tapa, Karate Kid and more. I chose Amber.

5) Print your list.



Since my natal day is still a few weeks away, I might have a change of mind – if I’ll celebrate at the office or at home or I might want to add more food and drinks. If I do it in the office, we are only less than 8 so I might lessen some birthday stuff though I wanted my officemates to wear birthday hats, just like the kids, to make it more fun though.Β However, if I do it at home, we are more than 8 and that means I have to add more food and drinks.

Anyway, I don’t worry that much because Red Ribbon Budget Party Planner is very helpful. I can even use my smartphone or tablet to access the microsite even I’m out-of-town so I am confident that I can manage any changes for my party.





21 comments on “Red Ribbon Budget Party Planner

  1. wow AMAZING! This is a great innovation from Red Ribbon. nakakatipid na tayo, hindi pa hassle, at ang dali2 lang.. hindi na kailangan mag worry for an upcoming children’s party πŸ˜€

  2. dedication cakes help a lot for a busy mom like me:) whenever i want to treat my son for a candle-blowing activity/sweet treat, id order at red ribbon. their cakes are so smooth and tasty and not dry. thanks for this!

  3. Wow this is really a very innovative way to plan parties! Now, we can’t really claim any excuse. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ (perfect for my sister’s birthday).

  4. The party planner is a big time saver especially for busy moms. What’s more fascinating is that you can choose on the variety of food and drinks suppliers and decide the budget allocation for the event. πŸ™‚

    Amazingly perfect.

  5. Definitely, this budget birthday planner from Red Ribbon is of great help for busy moms. Since, Oct din ang Birthday ko, then I must check the site.

  6. This is so helpful especially those who are always busy and have no time to prepare for their kid’s party. Great idea indeed! Now, I’ll suggest this to my family to try this one! πŸ˜€

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