Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake: Surprisingly Colorful and Delicious

A medley of colors and the delicious taste of anything chocolate never fail to draw sweet smiles and get kids excited. This is why Red Ribbon has combined these in its most festive birthday treat: the Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake.

Kids will love the bakeshop’s new creation that make birthdays all the more memorable with its package of sweetness and surprise. The latest treat from Red Ribbon looks like a classic chocolate cake at first: Its rich chocolate coating enrobes every inch of the cake, topped with rainbow colored lollipops and chocolate rosettes sprinkled with multicolored candies.

One sliced, Rainbow Dedication Cake will elicit ultimate surprise. Not only does it have multi-colored layers inside, it also tastes just like their favorite chocolate flavored cake!

“It’s a magical cake that’s full of surprise! At first, the kids will see a classic chocolate cake with a few pops of color, then they will discover the rainbow of colors inside the cake. Once they taste it, they will realize that it truly tastes like their favorite chocolate cake— only made more memorable and colorful by Red Ribbon,” said Kent Mariano, Red Ribbon Marketing head.

As with other Red Ribbon dedication cakes, parents can add sweetness to their birthday surprise by providing personalized messages to their young ones. “This is something we value at Red Ribbon. We want the cake recipients to feel just how special they are to their loved ones,” adds Mariano.