Safety Tips for Daddy Using Hydraulic Equipment

When working with hydraulic equipment, you may need to crimp the ends of the hose. However, doing so is easier said than done; due to the sheer amount of force carried through hydraulic hoses, standard hand-held tools are not powerful enough to clamp down the ends. You’ll need specialized equipment, as well as safety gear.
Before you begin the process, you’ll need:

Safety Goggles
Safety Gloves
Ear Protectors

This equipment will protect your body while working. The pressure within a hydraulic hose can cause high-decibel noises that can lead to ear damage, hence the need for ear protection. Should the hose rupture and explode, the goggles and gloves will protect your eyes and hands from the liquid contained within. The chalk will come into play at the end of the task, when you have to measure how tight the fit is on the hose.

You’ll also need a hydraulic hose crimping machine. These machines are available from specialized retailers and some hardware stores. They exert the necessary amount of force to seal the end of the hydraulic hoses without the risk of it rupturing when under pressure. Because most hydraulic hoses carry more than 2000 pounds of pressure in them, they must be securely fastened to ensure nothing escapes.

Don’t be afraid to seek out professional help when crimping the hoses. Hydraulic machinery can be dangerous if not properly maintained, and if you aren’t completely sure of your ability to make any necessary repairs yourself, it’s best to go to those who can. Have a professional mechanic show you the necessary steps so you can repeat the process on your own the next time.

Most crimping machines have safety mechanics built in that will prevent seriously bodily harm; the mechanisms will cause the machine to automatically shut off should the hose be removed or if foreign objects are detected. Nonetheless, you should take care not to expose your self to harm any more than necessary. Never operate a crimping machine while intoxicated, and make sure anyone nearby is also wearing the proper safety equipment in the event the hose bursts.