SM Toon Fest K-Pop Rising Star

Is your kid a fashionista? Does he or she loves K-Pop’s unique fashion and likes singing and dancing like 2NE1, Super Junior and SHINEE?

If yes, then SM invites him/her to join SM K-Pop Rising Star!

Dress you kid in Korean style using their favorite characters from SM’s all original licensed character apparel for a chance to win P100,000!

Because K-Pop is in demand, SM Toon Fest channels the dynamic spirit of K-Pop into its vibrant line of officially-licensed character apparel.

So bring out the little star in you kid with the fun, wild, colorful, electric energy of SM Toon Fest’s K-Pop collection!

All you have to do is purchase a minimum of P800  from 15 Characters included in the Toon Fest K-Pop Collections:

  1. Barbie 2. Betty Boop 3. Disney Princess 4. Disney Fairies 5. Disney Mini Mouse 6. Disney Mickey 7. Disney Pixar Cars 8. Dora the Explorer 9. Garfield 10. Hello Kitty 11. Marvel Heroes 12. Robby Rabbit 13. Sesame Street 14. Snoopy 15.Winnie the Pooh

Let you kids audition by singing or dancing K-Pop music using any of the 10 pre-selected K-Pop sings wearing their Toon Fest K-Pop outfit in any of the video stations at SM Department Stores.

This is open for girls and boys ages 2 to 14 years old. They can perform individually or in group but remember each performer must have his/her own Purchase Audition Code. Every P800 minimum single receipt equals one Purchase Audition Code.

To check if your video is selected visit SM Kids Fashion FanPage at

Invite your friends to vote for your video online.

Winners per SM branch will make it to the Grand Finals on October 20, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia.

Here’s a glimpse of K-Pop fashion:

For more information about SM Toon Fest K-Pop Rising Star please visit

30 comments on “SM Toon Fest K-Pop Rising Star

  1. Kids are fun to watch, they makes the parents,gradparents day happy when they are into some programs or participating in the events like this

  2. I’m always fascinated by a talent search because it helps individuals expose their talents. Kudos to the event organizer!

  3. Wow! I would love to see my kids join events like this one. Kids these days aside from being so cute, they already have a mind of their own. You know, they have their own taste in fashion.

  4. The Korean Wave has really really reached the Philippines! And knowing that kids are in for Korean fashion, it seems that they are infected with Korean fever too!

  5. If I am still a kid maybe I can join.LOL. It’s really fund seeing kids join this kind of stuff. I am sure there parents are so proud seeing them in the stage…Go kids.

  6. this is something fun for the kids, plus they have a chance to win big. wow, my daughter loves k-pop and the products of the sponsors. its just that, it needs time and money, just in case… well, good luck to the participants. Yahweh bless.

  7. Thanks everyone!!! Im very proud that my kid is part of the fashion show, he’s the one wearing snoopy and the smallest among them all!…

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