Step Up, Step Up with New Huggies Dry Pants and Win!

Changing baby diapers are challenging to some parents when babies are already actively crawling, standing, walking and playing around.

I still remember having troubles changing dappies of my son while we were in a resort for a vacation, days when diapers used to have straps. Unfortunately, the straps of the diaper I bought was defective and so I have no choice but to use scotch tapes so we can still use the diaper. Well, that was a big hassle for me and my baby.

Good thing, HUGGIES Diaper today offers Dry Pants that makes changing diaper much faster, more convenient and hassle-free. Moms don’t have to use pins, stickers or even straps. Moms don’t have to lay down babies to put the diaper on. The best we can do is to play with our babies like teaching them to dance in 3 easy steps!  Left foot in, right foot in, and pull up or Step, Step Up! See, HUGGIES Dry Pants makes diaper changing as easy as 1, 2, 3!

HUGGIES Dry Pants is designed for your active and playful baby.

Huggies Dry Pants Product Features



1) It ensures a snug or SAKTONG FIT for baby.

2) Dryness could last up to 10 hours meaning more hours of comfortable and uninterrupted playtime

3) Huggies is affordable or EASY sa BULSA!  SRP / piece of Huggies Dry Pants Large 36s at P8.52


Huggies Dry Pants has a lot of exciting surprises for moms! Until the end of the year, Huggies is giving away free samples so babies can enjoy the easy-palit experience. Moms can visit the Huggies PH Facebook page, select supermarkets, and various baby fairs to get their free sample!


Huggies Dry Pants Testimonial Promo Ad


Mommies who have already tried Huggies Dry Pants can also register via to talk about their Huggies Dry Pants experience and even get a chance to win up to 1 year’s supply of Huggies Dry Pants.

Moms now also have the chance to show the world how cute and kulit their baby can be – happy with their new Huggies Dry Pants! They simply have to join the Huggies Dry Pants Step Up Dance Showdown ( Winning entries will get 1 year’s supply of Huggies Dry Pants and will be featured in the Huggies Step Step Up music video.

Contest is open until NOVEMBER 24!
For more details, please visit or like Huggies PH on Facebook.

Thanks to HUGGIES for this CUTE BABY DOLL!

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