Stepping Out in Style

Every mom, sooner or later, finds themselves invited to a formal social event. This could be a business event, a formal wedding, or an upscale celebration. Unfortunately, after spending most of their time surrounded by children, they may find that their closet is lacking in the formal wear department. That’s okay. There are many ways to create a stunning formal look without breaking your budget.


Formal clothing is expensive, and most moms don’t want to spend their entire clothing budget on one dress. There are several places one can find formal wear at terrific prices. The first place one needs to look is in the local thrift shops. Most clothing for dressy occasions is only worn once and then donated. Evening gowns and cocktail dresses are also readily available online at discount prices. Search auction sites for some excellent deals on a variety of styles. In addition, bridal shops offer good deals during annual sales and from their clearance racks.


Although real diamonds and gems are amazing, there are many forms of costume jewelry available at reasonable prices that look just as stunning. Rhinestones are used to create everything from elegant drop earrings to eye catching statement pieces. The sparkle can dress up plain clothing while silver or gold is a wonderful compliment to garments that already have plenty of sequins. Make sure shoes are comfortable first and fashionable second. This can be the difference between an evening of pain or a night filled with joy.

Hair and Make-up

Hair and make-up is very important when planning a formal look. One can have their make-up done professionally or simply do their own. When applying one’s own make-up, be sure to go darker than your normal daytime look. There are many options available for a formal hairstyle. Whether the hair is worn up or down will depend on the neckline of the dress. No matter which option one chooses, hair extensions can enhance the look and create fullness. The best wholesale hair extensions can be found from merchants like Ilona Hair.

Every mom deserves the opportunity to dress up like a princess for an evening out. Use these tips and tricks to create a wonderful formal look, and have fun celebrating that special occasion with family and friends.

4 comments on “Stepping Out in Style

  1. I always find cute seeing a Mom and Daughter /Son twinning photos 🙂 Dressing upnis also a great bonding activities in the family.

  2. I love that your purse matches your shoes! I do the same as I find it easier to match my shoes and my purse rather than match my dress. Haha!

    So very true! I have tons of cocktail dresses in my closet, that I’ve worn only once per event and never wore again! But don’t have the heart to donate them because of sentimental reasons, but good for my daughter cause then I never have to buy her dresses for when she has formals or dances in school as she can always find something she can wear from my closet. 😛

  3. Hala sis! Type ko outfit mo! 😀 Actually my little girl has a similar dress. Wow, maganda sana if I have that kind of dress, too para twinning kami. Problem is, di to bagay sakin haha

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