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Choosing Summer Activities for Kids

School time is finally over. This means the kids are at home and mommies are busier when they are around, right moms? More house cleaning, I bet yah.

The solution, plan earlier on how to keep your children’s vacation worthwhile. Let them have a summer activity  like getting them involved in programs than can enhance their talents, skills and teach them to be better person.

For three consecutive years, I enrolled my son in programs of his choice. I remember his first adventure was a kiddie crew in a local  food chain. The second was a swimming lesson and the third was basketball activities. Now he’s more hooked in basketball so I enrolled him again in the advanced program.

And for my daughter who loves to sing and dance, she’s entering a workshop after Holy Week.

One of my nephew is into music, he’s studying how to play guitar. His younger brother loves Taekwondo. Their school has a summer program for students who want to make their vacation worthwhile.

As a mom, I let my children decide on programs they wanted to explore. I don’t insist my decision as long as I know that the activity they are joining are fit for them. I believe the more they are interested with the activity, the more they learn.  However, I still consider the following things before enrolling them in their respective programs.

1) Is it budget-friendly? – Budget always comes first, right moms? Because just a few weeks time, school enrollment is about to start again.  This won’t be a problem unless the community offers free summer activities for kids.

2) Is the environment or venue safe and accessible? – I prefer that the location is near our home, at my children’s school or better yet inside a mall.

3) Will they enjoy? – This is the most important of all. I don’t want them to do the activity just because I want it for them. I only guide them in deciding but what matters most here is their interest to learn new things. 100% support follows.