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We’re Ready to Travel with Swish!

All our bags were packed and we’re ready to go!

I’ve been hearing this song over and over again because the kids were excited on their summer vacation. After the Family Day at the Manila Ocean Park, were heading north to cool them this hot season.

My mantra is to be always prepared when traveling to a far place, make sure you bring everything you need or messed up the get-away plan.

I gave my kids independence when packing their own things and all I have to do was to double check if they have the following:

1) Clothes and under wears – Comfortable clothes is a must during this sunny season. A set of pajamas  and fashionable clothes are also important. And don’t forget the swim wear.


2) Personal hygiene – Cologne and powder to help them feel fresh. Sun Block to protect their skin. Mouthwash to keep breath cool and fresh. Actually my tween boy already uses Swish mouthwash. He even have a Swish Breath Spray on his bag when he was still going to school.  I let him use Swish by Unilab because I learned that Swish is powered by Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis. Besides, because it it alcohol free. By the way, hubby loves the Cinnamon flavor while I enjoy the Peppermint Fresh. You can check more about Swish on https://www.facebook.com/SwishPhilippines


3) Inflatable swimming toys, water wings, foaties and sand toys – These things are essential so kids can enjoy more when swimming  plus floaties help to keep them safe in the water too.


4) Shades or caps and umbrellas too – I don’t want them to get sun burn so they must have their caps and umbrellas and also their respective shades to protect their eyes from harmful sun rays.


5) Books, toys or gadgets – Some things to stop boredom away and keep the kids busy while traveling are yes, gadgets like PSP, iPad or Playbook.


Yes, they all have the things they needed and mom only needs to complete the first aid kit, travel foods and confirm the booking on the place we’re heading to.