Take a Teeny Break with Jack ‘n Jill Mintini

My son and nieces went home exhausted after their Mathematics program last Saturday. I can see how they looked so challenged to learn numbers by the Mathematics Association of the Philippines and the Department of Education, so I gave them MINTINI, the new candy treat by Jack ‘n Jill.


They couldn’t resist the SWEET, CHEWY and MINTY characteristics of MINTINI that they even ask for another pack while relaxing and playing their board game.



Now that they have relieved stress they energetically dive headfirst into homework after playing! I gave them a pack of Mintini Sweet Mint so they can bring it in school to help them rejuvenate after their oral exam.

Whether it’s studying long hours, beating deadlines or engaging in any other hectic activity, we all need to take an invigorating break to recharge.

Stay on-the-go and make short breaks count with the refreshing Mintini Sweet Mint Soft Candy, the first mint flavored soft chewy candy from Jack ‘n Jill that guarantees a minty breather in the middle of busy days.

This deliciously chewy candy will leave everyone feeling refreshed and ready for any endeavor. Grab a pack of Mintini Sweet Mint Soft Candy in groceries and supermarkets near you.

Oh, wait! Mintini is also available in Chocolate Filled Mint flavor!