Take Care of Your Health the PhilCare Way

Most of us overwhelm ourselves with work to make income for our future. We value our job too much that even on weekends, we work. Oftentimes, we forget to invest with the important part of life, aside from our job – our health.

The blatant truth is most of us  think about our health only on the moment when our body deteriorates and when we become ill. This is the only time we started to value the doctors advice for us to recover fast when in fact, we can avoid being sick if we only disciplined ourselves to do so.

So how can we take care of our health the easiest way? Eat healthy foods, have some exercise, use organic products and detoxify. These are some thoughts about health, PhilCare360 wellness box would like to share to us.


PhilCare360 Wellness Box includes 1. Jumping Rope 2. Calamansi Soap 3. Oatmeal Soap 4. Moringa Detox Tea 5. Seaweed Mask 6. Olive Mist 7. PhilCare Smart Check-up card 8. PhilCare Primer

Another preventive and protective approach for our health is having a SMART CHECK-UP card. Know your current health profile by undergoing an annual physical exam (APE).

For individuals who are employed but with no health care service provider; or you are self-employed and worst you don’t have a regular job, top HMO provider PhilCare offers SMART CHECK-UP card, the most budget-friendly, complete set of physical exams for only P499.00

PhilCare health prepaid card includes services like Medical History Taking; Physical Examination; Chest X-Ray; Complete Blood Count (CBC); Urinalysis and Fecalysis

PhilCare Smart Check-UP Card is a nominal way to know your state of health inside and out.

So, you have the PhilCare Smart Check-Up Card, now what? These are simple steps to follow your way through good health.

1) Register and activate your card.

2) Set an appointment with PhilCare clinic or affiliated service provider. I use my Smart Check-Up card in Hi-Precision East Avenue, just a stones away from our office.

3) You’re good to undergo annual physical exam – that easy!

And if you have no time to get the exam result, you can conveniently access it via PhilCare Go! Mobile App using your Android phone. No waste of time.


Go!Mobile App by PhilCare installed on my phone

Smart Check-Up Card is available at PhilCare clinics in Manila and Makati. For any updates and information about Smart Check-Up Card service providers, visit www.philcare.com.ph

Continue getting healthy and fit by join PhilCare360 wellness program. A holistic brand of healthcare that helps you achieve a sound mind, an active and fit body, and a positive disposition. This program is open for individuals and for corporation as well.

Let us not look about health superficially, take it comprehensively especially when there’s a company like PhilCare that can help us to be always in the pink.


15 comments on “Take Care of Your Health the PhilCare Way

  1. I would love to become a PhilCare subscriber. I mean, do they have some sort of online application form?

  2. PhilCare really follow their vision, to provide effective and quality health care services to their clients. And plus to provide easy network to avail their services, like the mobile app.

  3. I hope to be able to see some of those Philcare health products. They look pretty interesting, I will ask around for them.

  4. I love this idea. Instead of the usual, you get a system that helps detoxify the body. It’s a very smart idea.

  5. I think that the fact PhilCare offers SMART CHECK-UP card is great! I love its features of being the most budget-friendly and complete set of physical exams, and the price seems pretty affordable, too!

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