Three Ways to Be a Good Mom

We can all learn from our own experiences on how to be a good mom. Think back to your experiences with your own mom, guardian or caretaker while growing up. What methods worked and what didn’t that you can apply with your own child? We can also learn by observing other parents, whether it’s at the park, the restaurant, or with friends and family members with their own children.

Each child has their own personality and not all methods that worked for one child will work for another. To be a good mother, work to try to understand your child’s psychological state. When you know what ticks them and what makes them jump for joy, you know what methods you can use to encourage them to grow and develop positively.

For instance, many parents talk about meal time being a battle. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you understand what’s at issue, you can approach things differently so meal time becomes a pleasant experience.

Does your child not want to eat because she’s not hungry, she doesn’t like the food or there are distractions around her? Address those issues. You can change the meal time schedule or change when and what she snacks on beforehand. Also, we all have food we like and dislike so keep that in mind for the future and find ways to change things up or add food you know your child does like to the mix. You can keep things nutritious if you arm yourself with nutritional knowledge, Lastly, children are easily distracted, especially young children. Set the scene for dinner and block out all distractions so the focus is on the meal.

Build a relationship with your child where there is open communication or expression of feelings. When your child knows that you understand, care and that you make the effort to address what’s bothering her, she will continue to grow and develop with confidence.

These three tips will help you to become a good mom:

  1. Be a Role Model โ€“ As you have learned from your own experiences, so will your child watching you care for her. When you set rules for your child, many of the rules should apply to you as well, like not using profane words and hitting others.
  2. Show Your Love โ€“ Loving your child it not about what material things you buy for her, but the nurturing you offer when she is happy and sad. You also give her respect the way you want to receive it.
  3. Be There โ€“You child should know that she can come to you with anything and you will give it the proper attention. This is all part of keeping the lines of communication open and building a strong relationship. It’s also good to aim high for your child, but don’t rip your hair out when things don’t turn out to be the best. The most important thing is that the effort was put in and that everyone tried their best.


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  1. hi. you don’t seem to have the Google plus button. Commenting on here instead.

    Those are great tips for being a good mom. Thanks for sharing.

  2. it so easy to be a mother but being a good mother is not. i agree with your three points, be a role model, be there and of course love them. =)

  3. There are so many ways to be a good mother and there are only few mums discover it. From pregnancy till the child grows old a mother will always be there to continue her role as a good mother.

  4. i’d have to say that no mom mean any harm… they may be different in their approaches but they all mean what’s best

  5. i agree with you .we all need to communicate with our kids and show love even if they did something wrong .love and understanding

  6. I agree to the tips you have stated above. Also, every mum has their own ways on how to show their love, care and support to their kids which for me is the key to be a good mum/parent. xxx

  7. I’m not a mom yet.. but I know that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs there is.. but also the most fulfilling. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for these tips.. I’m doing these na nga. I get a lot of practice sa mga pamangkin ko. haha!

  8. being a mother is the hardest task ever but it seems to be the most neglected job in the world. i am a full time mom and being one is rewarding… being one is a pleasure beyond compare… but still being one takes a lot of responsibilities.

    this post summarizes it all and i am truly PROUD to be a mother.

  9. Hey sis sorry for the late visit, couldn’t load your blog dati.
    As for being a good mom, I try to be and you got the most important points covered here. Thanks.

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