Three Ways to Keep your Pool Clean

There’s nothing better than retreating to your own backyard on a hot summer day to enjoy a dip in the pool. Whether you have kids to entertain, friends to host or just want to enjoy the water yourself, a pool is a luxury that you’ll be grateful to have when the weather turns unbearable. Here are three important steps to keeping your pool water healthy and sparkling.

Pool Vacuum

The bottom of your pool will collect dirt and debris just like the carpets inside your home. You should make a point of vacuuming it out at least once a week while in use. If you don’t have the time or desire, it’s worth investing in a cleaner that will do this for you. A search for automatic pool cleaners Pittsburgh or wherever you reside will lead you to a device that will crawl along the bottom of your pool, sucking up the dirt.


Catching some of the leaves and bugs floating on the surface of the water means that your vacuum or automatic cleaner has less work to do. A long-handed net will do the job just fine. Spend a few minutes using the skimmer before or after you get in the water to help keep it as clean as possible.


Proper chemicals are perhaps the most important part of maintaining a healthy pool. Chlorine is essential in order to kill bacteria, and you should use a testing kit once or twice a week to measure the levels of chlorine in the water. The occasional algaecide treatment may also be needed if you notice any growing on the walls.

Make pool cleaning and maintenance a part of your routine from the moment you open it for the season. Healthy, clean water means that you will be refreshed and happy all summer long.