Throwback of what kept us busy during the lockdown

Three years since the pandemic began, the world is gradually getting back to normal. The fact that every living human is now getting on its feet, matters the most. I remember how our lives stopped when the pandemic striked. Thankfully, only the physical interactions have been controlled if not hindered. Also, I’m thankful that we still have the digital world where we can continue to earn a living, entertain ourselves and be happy.

How did we cope during the lockdown and manage the long day? Here are the list.

Play Games at Home

We have board games at home like the Millionaire’s Game and Chess. However, when one of my family members was infected with the coronavirus, we isolated ourselves at home. To control the anxiety of the sick and other family members, I introduced that we play Uno cards virtually. Glad that they loved this idea.

Practice Music

No, we did not sing videoke since we were careful of the droplets that may cause us to get sick. What we did to excel playing drums or guitar is to practice with the help of virtual tools. Playing drumbeats using the computer or even the cellphone made some of us busy and forget about the long day.

Binge Watching

One of our favorite activities is watching tv or movies. We created a small cinema portion at home so all the family members can binge watch. We scheduled our viewing time so that no one will argue what movie or television series to watch and everybody’s happy.

Arts and Crafts

This goes well with the kids at home who love to draw, paint and do some art. Thankfully, we can still buy online some crafts and art paraphernalia. These really help the children cope with boredom during the lockdown since they can’t go to the school, park or mall.

The pandemic is quite a while but at least now I can smile while remembering the activities we had during the lockdown. How about you?