Wanna Have Fun? Just Roll It!

Way back when I was a kid, I love playing board games with my friends after school. Board games are one way to liven up our mundane weekends, especially when it’s raining outside because we cannot play football or stealing bases or capture the base if that’s the right term for it.

Some popular board games during those days – until these days actually are, “Snake and Ladder”, “Millionaire’s Game” and “Monopoly”. However, entertainment board games evolved with the help of technology. Board games now are developed to become more interactive, attractive, strategic and fun.

Imagine today, we can play with our best friend or best buddy even he or she is in a far place or other parts of the world, right? Something we cannot done before and that’s the magic of technology and innovation. Also with the help of technology, our game experts have made online board game more interesting. Just like this new online board game, Just Roll It! by GameClub. It’s an online board game that your family can play, enjoy and win cash!

Like any other board game, Just Roll It! needs 4 players for individual play – this maybe daddy, mommy and the children or you and your friends. This can also be a team battle.

To play the online board game craze, DOWNLOAD it for FREE. This is how it looks when you downloaded the game in your PC.


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As I said, Just Roll It! is more than the old board game we know. If you’re familiar with “Monopoly” then you will easily understand how this online board game works.

The added twists here are you can have a QUICK START and can automatically join a free for all or team match or CREATE YOUR OWN ROOM and have the power to allow or restrict observers.

Fortune card will help you control your opponent if you’re the lucky first roller. Plus  it also includes Special Winning Conditions, interesting isn’t it?


The game will test the players ability to decide what property to buy during the game, what property to construct – like a villa or a hotel or any landmarks.


It will also enhance your strategic thinking, especially when the roll of the dice doesn’t turn that good. Be prepare to lose money or property because when you happen to land on your opponents property, you will be paying for the RENT (and even more than that) but tactically or strategically speaking, you have the power to buy your opponents property for a double price (that is, if you have enough money on your side).

The good news, players can manipulate the dice roll and this will depend upon the “CHARACTERS” you play in the game. Don’t worry, there’s also a dice gauge so you will know the strength of the dice. Just pray you hit the double so you can roll it twice.

Just a reminder, players should avoid getting bankrupt or else you lose the game, which is the saddest thing here. But if you win the game, you will also receive a reward!


More good news, players can win a daily prize of P1,000.

How to win? If you are a registered user or account holder simply choose the Play More, Win More system.

For weekly prize (P5,000), you can qualify to have one weekly raffle entry once per day for every three games played or gain raffle entry through Play More, Win More system.

For a monthly prize, you can have a weekly raffle entry once per day for every five games played or gain raffle entry through Play More, Win More system.

To win part of the total prize pool of P1,000,000, you must qualify for weekly and monthly raffle over three months.

Note: To enjoy the game better, make sure your computer fits the requirements below.


Watch this video about Just Roll It!


17 comments on “Wanna Have Fun? Just Roll It!

  1. This looks like a fun game! but im really bad in board games, i dont pay attention to rules or anything ahaha i end up loosing every time XD

  2. I’m not really a gamer, or even an avid board game player but this looks fun for those who love them. Maybe I’ll try it sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have tried this game and I am excited to log in and try it again this weekend. It’s an effective way to relieve stress accumulated during work days. 🙂

  4. For sure not only kids would be addicted to playing this online game, adults may be hooked on to this game.This strategic online board game would be on demand by gamers.

  5. This is a kind of game that I have been waiting for. I grow up playing millionaires game and monopoly with my siblings, I hope I will not get addicted to it. haha.

  6. Looks like a fun game. I had gameclub account before because I used to play CF and SF before. Will be surely trying this .

  7. I’m a fan of Monopoly; it’s the best board game for me. So I would try this similar game out however, I do still find playing in actual board (not digital) much better or a lot more fun.

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