Ways You Can Relax as a Mom

Working full time, raising the kids, preparing dinner and even balancing a social life can make for a stressful environment for any mother. Walking, reading and even listening to music can mean the difference between feeling exasperated by life’s daily grind. For a full-time mom, these small steps can boost energy levels, help with your mood and stave off any feelings of depression and guilt.


Your job may require you to exert hours of mental energy and a good book can help you unwind after a long, arduous day. Find something you like. Relax your mind. Captivate your life inside the story lines and characters you meet. Reading will not only calm your mind, but teach you information you may have not known before.

If you find yourself back in school attending accredited online colleges, pleasure reading will help you to unwind. A pleasure read will give you a nice break and make for a funny, entertaining source that will cultivate your mind and inspire new ideas.


Ask your husband to watch the kids. Ready your gym bag and hit the treadmill. Not only is exercise great for your body, a nice workout also helps reduce stress and boost confidence. Working out often helps you feel better about yourself, providing your body with the essential advantages it needs to stay healthy.

Just 30 minutes a day for four days a week can be enough to help you relax, stay happy and help you feel good about your body. Plus, your husband will also enjoy the extra tone in muscle and slimmer physique that your daily workouts help you obtain.

Listen to Music

Sometimes, you have one of those awful days you wish you can forget. Those days where you boss yells at you for no apparent reason or where you wind up hearing nonstop bickering between coworkers. After a rough day, throw on some headphones, turn up the volume and listen your favorite artist to help quell any negative emotions that may be brewing.

Lie Down

Find somewhere to lie down, close your eyes and relax. A simple form of meditation, just lying back on your favorite sofa could be enough to help you unwind from a long, grueling day at the office. When you do decide to lie down, close your eyes and just relax and think about nothing. That’s right, do not think about anything. Forget your problems and just relax.


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24 comments on “Ways You Can Relax as a Mom

  1. it has been a while since i have curled up with one of my books + it has been ages since i rendezvouz with my ipod! since the little man + i got sick, i am in dire need of rest + relaxation. hopefully i can do that before this month ends!

    thanks for sharing this mommy! ^_^

  2. These are great points. I’m sure being a mother can be really tasking yet fulfilling. Although I’m not a mother yet, I think it also applies to everyone — to also make time for relaxation. The body does need to rejuvenate regularly. 🙂

  3. I am a stay at home mom but I can do all of it everyday. sobrang relax pa nga at pahinga. but you are right ,every mom has to take time for herself. iwan muna mga kids ke hubby and go to the gym, go shopping alone or see some friends.

  4. Great list here. Well, at least you can do like a couple of those simultaneously. E.g. doing your routine exercise while a suitable music is being played.

  5. I’ll share this to my mommy-friends. I agree! Moms should still have time to relax/enjoy because being mom is a hard and yet rewarding job. 🙂

  6. Motherhood is not an easy task.
    Actually, it’s the most difficult,
    most stressful task in the world
    yet at the end of the day… I realized that
    it’s the most rewarding. BLOGGING is
    a way to get my mind back to my senses.

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