What Parents Need To Know About School Bus

School bus service is another important matter now that the new school year will officially start.

Have you checked how safe your kids are while on board the school bus service?

Here are the things a school service should have upon its operation.

1) A valid franchise from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board or LTFRB.

2) The school service is accredited by the school. It bears the school rules and regulation for school service.

2) The vehicle windows or open portions should have screens or grills for protection.

3) A first aid kit and emergency tools like umbrellas, rain coat, and fire extinguisher.

4) It has Stop and Go signage.

5) The body of the school service is painted yellow with black stripes around the vehicle.

6) Plate Number should also be in yellow.

7) It should follow the Number Tagging Scheme of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. The licensed number should be painted on the roof and the sides of the vehicle in silver-gray background.

A fine of P6,000 would be imposed on untagged school bus service.

Let us also be aware on the number of students serviced by the operator so we would know if the vehicle is overloading or not. If it violates the no overloading policy of Land Transportation Office here’s the penalty the operator or driver would face.

First Offense: 3 months suspension of license, removal of the car plate, impounding and P2,000 fine

Second Offense:  Car registration would be canceled and revocation of license.

The penalty for the operator or driver of colorum school service are:

First Offense: Driver’s license is automatically suspended for 90 days. Operators have to pay P3,000 fine;
P6,000 on the second offense; and then cancelation of the franchise on the third offense.


21 comments on “What Parents Need To Know About School Bus

  1. We don’t send our kids to school bus though, the school is near anyway but this is very informative to parents who have kids on school buses, will be sharing this one!

  2. Yes, I agree with Franc, strict guidelines and implementation is needed. Hindi lang ningas kugon…Madalas kasi sa simula lang magaling ang mga authority. Anyway, this post is very informative!

  3. my youngest son’s right index finger when it was caught in the service shuttle door. unfortunately, the shuttle doesn’t have any first aid kit. I called the operator when my son got home and told her what happened to my kid. I’d learned the incident was not reported by the driver. Grrr!

  4. We don’t have problem with the school bus here in the US.The school is very strict with the school bus operation. The drivers are mostly the teachers and trained well. My son is only 3 years old and needs to wear seat belt alll the time.

  5. Exactly what every parent needs to know for this school year. I remember my parents being so picky with my “service”, I transferred 3x because they will notice something wrong with the van, etc. Safety first!

  6. Nice. Good reminder for everyone! Parents should check the safety of the school buses. But i wasnt able to experience riding on a school bus. My parents are the one who accompany in going to school when i was a kid. I think that is safer pa rin.

  7. My husband and I have one school service van
    and these guidelines are strictly followed otherwise
    the school we are affiliated with will cancel our membership.

    LTFRB is implementing these rules for the sake of the operators,
    drivers, school and the protection and safety of the students.

  8. Our girls were brought by a school bus as we still lived in Germany, and later on during their first year in school here in the Netherlands.

    At both times we were sent the rules and guidelines that the school bus and it’s driver(s) had to follow. It was very reassuring for us.

  9. We should also turn down old vans for our childrens school service coz we are paying these running coffins…these operators dont care for our childrens safety

  10. Hi, is there anybody here who knows if how many trips a school bus should only have from school to home officially? My daughter’s school service has 2 trips and she sometimes get home at 6PM! She wakes up at 5am, leaves at 6AM, takes the 2nd trip since the school bus accommodates so many students, and gets home at 6PM. That is more than 12 hours awake and away from home. Hindi na tama sa bata yon. Pag uwi, they are so tired and can’t even function anymore. Parang daig pa nila yung working adult. If anybody can help me find an official link from the gov’t so I can forward my complaint to the school, please help. Thank you.

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