Worry on Foetus Parties

A baby in the family brings immeasurable joy. Parent-to-be is more excited than anyone else that they even celebrate or come up with a party a month or weeks before the baby arrives. Baby Shower as it is commonly known in some countries including the Philippines.

Usually in a baby shower, an expectant mom receives gifts for babies like feeding bottles, diapers, baby clothes and even toys. Also books about parenting or child raising are also common present.

But today, foetus parties are becoming a trend especially in the Western countries. Foetus party is where people gather to view a 3D or 4D pictures of the baby in the womb. And it is causing a buzz.

Midwives are worrying about commercialization of pregnancy or the use of supposed diagnostic scans for entertainment, as it raises ethical questions according to Professor Cathy Warwick, the chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives.

Prof Warwick stated in an article posted in Yahoo that ultrasound was intended to be a screening tool to help detect babies with serious problems and ensure pregnancy management was tailored appropriately.

She also warned: If a woman is celebrating much more overtly than she might normally do regarding a pregnancy at an early stage during the pregnancy and, then, at a later stage a serious problem emerges; a mother may need increased counselling after raising everyone’s expectations of her pregnancy at a foetus party, only to learn of complications later on.

18 comments on “Worry on Foetus Parties

  1. Hmmm . . . I don’t agree much with this kind of celebration. I prefer waiting for the baby to come out.

  2. Things are changing. As well as how ultrasound is used nowadays. They should take precaution and recall the needs of having an ultrasound (not just because of the party)

  3. I would not allow my baby to be subject of circus-like parties as this. There is always a perfect time for it when the baby has come out already.

  4. I’ve heard of that from some friends who threw lavish parties while viewing the videos. For me, and in my opinion, I’d rather save the money than spend for the party. We could just have a simple get together with families and close friends but not extravagant ones. Well, i guess if you have the money, that won’t be much of a problem in the future finances.

  5. It’s my first time to know about this Foetus party and I don’t agree with it. Professor Cathy Warwick is right. What if something bad happened to the baby after the party? I can’t imagine what would be its effect to the mother. 🙁

  6. I have no idea that this is what I did when I received my 4D ultrasound, though it’s not really a party but simply viewing of the video. In our case, we took it on my last trimester to check the gender of the baby and because she is the first grandchild in hubby’s family, we figured that the grannies will appreciate it.

  7. Foetus party– doen’t sound fun to me! Hehe! Anyway, I guess that’s a little too much celebration when you’re going to have a baby shower pa after…OA lang!

  8. I guess it’s better to celebrate when the baby is already in the outside world. ‘Coz if something pops up (like a complication, etc), it would be harder for the parents to cope up…

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